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The voice actor who played Reimu in Kusso☆☆. The name in TDN notation is easily mistaken as SNNN, and her Kanji character name has a quite obscure reading. Because she changes her handle name frequently, she gets called by her voice actor friends unanimously as "Yukko". She has a lot of cargo space in her ass where she can even fit herself in. She's often depicted as kinda silly, often horny and as her role of the mad scientist crazy. Her voice renders very well for erotic content. Her Twitter account "Babamizawababako" was unearthed by Shiriri on Sep 16th 2018, alongside with the scraped voice and song materials a few hours after [1] [2]. She expressed her thoughts about Kusso☆☆ on that account. She holds a bad opinion of Kusso☆☆ and sees it as a black part of her history. Also, she says her good performance was due to looking down on the script and only half-assing it. One might say, listening to her dug up voice material, that she's loud and crazy. However, these clips are particular to the characters themselves and come only from unscripted plays for close friends. Aside from those clips and in other voice plays, she indeed does a serious performance with good voice quality. That some Cookie citizens, who might not know about her other activities and only listened to the dug up content, believe she's loud and crazy like that all the time only attests to her acting skills. She was caught up in the 2018 Hokkaido earthquake and cancelled all already scheduled activities from the start of October. It was found out that she resumed activities at around April 2019 by fans and voice play friends. Her then-handle name "Shinonome" comes the Nichijou character Nano Shinonome (東雲 なの), while her current "Yukko" comes from Yuuko Aioi (相生 祐子, where Yukko is an alternative spelling to Yuuko). It was first believed to be camouflage meant for damage control, but she in fact simply likes the anime. In fact, in the leaked voice material, she is even heard to imitate lines from the anime.

Involvement in Kusso S2

After bleeding when she did her business, she went to the Hourai Proctology department[3] for treatment. However, that bleeding came from "inserting something thick and hard." Feeling proportionally more pleasure as Eirin's palpation becomes more extreme, a firefly gets found right after inserting a pen light. In order to catch the firefly, she inserts her wrist into the anus, and finally Eirin's entire body is inside the anus. The assistant Reisen follows Eirin inside. While drowning in the dizzying pleasure that is running her entire body, Eirin proposes she comes in there, too. In pursuit for more pleasure, she replies twice and inserts her head into her anus. Inside, she meets Eirinand Reisen cosplaying as a firefly, and laughs like crazy, exclaiming "I catched the firefly~".

Treatment on Niconico

Like her name suggests, many BB materials as her being a scientist[4], having interdimensional intestine storage for weapons and containment, and in general weaponry and machines have been created. Around September-October of 2017, a subcharacter named Hotaruda, based on Sakenomi was created. After a huge collection of voice material has been dug up on November 16th 2018, videos featuring her as the main character have been more frequently uploaded. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Treatment on the Hon-Thread

Not only did it take 4 years, it was actually the Twitter fraction rather than the Hon-Thread fraction that identified Shinonome. This may be told as an anecdote about the Hon-Thread losing abilities and ambition to do doxxing and have long lost their central position in the Cookie☆ world. However, there were only two people on Koebu that were named "Shinonome Hakase" (the other one was male), so it must've been most easily findable by the Hon-Thread fraction then before Koebu terminated its service on Sep 30th 2016. This mystery may never get unraveled.

Main Netas

Mad Scientist

The character postfixed with "Hakase" (or in English of course prefixed with "Dr.", although "Prof." wouldn't be wrong) that is absolutely nuts in the voice drama. The origin of her name may be found in either the Shinonome Hakase from Nichijou or in Shikishima Hakase (Professor Shikishima) from the Getter Robo series. Her role in the excavated source "自分自身が殺されたい殺人鬼" (The killer that wants to get killed herself) gives off the feeling of Shikishima Hakase a lot.[6][7]

Anal fixation

Coming after the content of the voice drama, there are quite a substantial amount of jokes about her anal fixation and having objects inserted or stored up her bum. Right into the alleyway of scat humor from Inmu and Cookie☆.[9]

Human weapon storage

People created a character that can store all sorts of weapons in her interdimensional intestines. This also gives the vibes of Shikishima Hakase.


The Shinonome version of Sakenomi. For details read the according wiki page. 


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