This page is a list of events related to Cookie☆ in chronological order.


Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream premiered.


- July 20

"Manatsu no Yo no inmu" is released.


- December 12

NicoNico is launched.


February 15

Cookie☆ ([Touhou Collaborative Video Project] Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss) is released

February 17

The OG Cookie☆ was tagged with Inmu.

October 14

The oldest otoMAD that used Cookie☆ materials, "Fighting homos [Fighting people]" is posted by Setji P. Since then, more and more sound MADs of Cookie☆ were posted.

October 24

An article on "Cookie☆" is created in the Nico Nico Encyclopedia.

October 30

Hit☆Gomi posted "Reimu so Cookie☆". This video received a considerable reaction on Niconico, and the existence of Cookie☆ became widely recognised. This led to an increase in the number of Cookie☆ content creators, and the establishment of Cookie☆as a MAD subject.

December 1

Yamin posted a video of herself falling on a stove

December 4

Hazuna Rio sent an apology email to the voice actress

December 5

Hazuna Rio retired from that identity.


October 19

2gou began posting.


Janurary 1

Cookie☆☆ S2 ([Touhou Project] New Year Project! [Voice Drama]) was posted

December 24

Cookie☆☆ S3 (Touhou project) Christmas project! 2013 [Voice drama]) was posted


June 28

Kusso☆S1 (Touhou Early Summer Voice Drama) was posted

December 2

Kusso☆S2 ([Touhou Voice Drama] the reimu's happy holidays) was posted



Jikomujun began posting.

August 15

Choco Heart☆ ([Voice Drama] Reimu and Marisa's Chocolate Heart) was posted


January 30

Kusso☆QVC ([Kusso☆] Reimu and Marisa chewing chocolate☆Mouth-to-mouth challenge) was posted


First Hisui boom

2gou announced retirement and his last accounts were abandoned (2gou, speder2.)

May 10

Easter☆ ([Voice Drama] Marisa and Alice's Easter Egg Hunt) was posted


Shiriri began posting.

Octover 7

The Blastoise Hisui Series began.


Nisu began posting



Remmuh began posting

March 1

Fake NYN appeared

November 23

Turkey☆ (Touhou Thanksgiving! Voice drama project) was posted


May 14

KussoKuri☆ ([Touhou Voice Drama] Kuso/Marisa and Reimu's Christmas Party) was posted


Cookie☆ Freezing Festival occurred, an incident where many Cookie content creators and voice actors saw their Twitter accounts frozen in quick succession with DMCA false notices. It continued until September.

June 6

Gorgonzola☆ ([Touhou Hell Video Project] Marisa and Alice and Root Vegetables with Gorgonzola) Posted


Remmuh disappeared.

September 23

Shiriri set up CTV☆ on Cytube, streaming Cookie contents all 24 hours.

November 8

It became increasingly suspected that Shiriri had an old identity of Kenma P.

December 5

Shiriri retired after his old identity was revealed and caught the attention of Hasekara.


February 15

Cookie☆ 10th Anniversary

Self-Contradiction☆([Cookie ☆ Voice Drama] Marisa and Alice’s Self-Contradiction☆) is posted.

October 12

Fight☆([Touhou Voice Drama] Reimu and Marisa's Fantastic Fight) is posted.


February 15

An MMD version of Kusso☆S1 is posted.