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jesus christ...” —— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Zerukalo is the voice actress most known for her roles of Konpaku Youmu in Onsen☆ (December 15, 2017) and Yorigami Shion in Gorgonzola☆ (June 6, 2018), also participated in many obscure voice dramas. She was an active Hon-thread poster since 2013. Her nickname comes from the Russian word "Зеркало" (a mirror). It's rare to see her in otoMADs, but she's quite often shown in BB theatres and artworks. Her media activity was always unstable, but now she's completely disappeared from the Internet.


In Voice Drama

   At the age of 12, Zerukalo was cast for the role of Reimu in a project called "幻想紅亭", but the project was cancelled. Her first roles were Inaba Tewi in Sleepover☆ (September 9, 2015) and Remilia Scarlet in Burdock☆☆☆ (December 26, 2016). At that time she was known by the nickname Reiya, but she renamed herself to Zerukalo after her Youmu role in Onsen☆. In this voice drama, her character dug the hot springs, which is why she's often shown in BB with a digging tools.

   Zerukalo participated in well known creator projects. She played Yuyuko and Suwako in Atouda's Kusso☆S5 (May 18, 2018) and Shion in Shiriri's Gorgonzola☆. The Shion role can be a reference to her poverty, because in Zerukalo's leaked personal information it is a fact, that she lives in a poor neighborhood and Shion is a poverty god.

   She also participated in the Chinese voice drama Xiangsheng☆☆ (04/02/2019), which made her popular on bilibili.

Online Activities

ZRKL drawn by ZRKL (im8366194)

   Zerukalo (then known as Reiya) knew about Cookie☆ when she was 12 years old and was active on Hon-thread. A lot of people were interested in her after she was cast for the voice drama role. She was doxxed by Hon-thread people and this may be the reason why the drama was canceled- the project organizers felt responsible for this incident. However, she continued to post on Hon-thread and participate in voice dramas.

   In December 2017 she played Youmu in Onsen☆. After that, she started her Twitter account under the name Zerukalo, where she actively interacted with the Cookie☆ community and people recognized Reiya in the her behavior and voice. Zerukalo was friendly to her fans, that's why there was a rumor that she sent them a photo of herself wearing only socks.

   In June 2018 she had a public argument on Twitter with Sutera, another Gorgonzola☆ voice actress. This event is known as the "Mirror-Star War", because "Stella" means "a star" in Latin.

   Zerukalo became one of the victims of the "Freezing Festival", her Twitter account was deleted after a false DMCA claim.

   She also drew a Cookie☆ art on Nicoseiga (of herself) and did some MMD works.

   For unknown reasons she disappeared in September 2019.

In Derived Creations

ZRKL's original character

   Zerukalo has a two popular characters: Youmu and Shion. In BB theatres there is more of her Youmu character, who is shown as a hard-worker and calm tempered. She's also shown with digging tools: a shovel-pickaxe, a drill etc. Some creators use her as a kind of bait-and-switch character, like Gou Ryuma from Inmu, and use her face as a censorship of inappropriate things. The design of this character based on her original character - she has heterochromia and blush.

   Her Shion character is the opposite: desperate, hungry, and poor. She is often shown with other Gorgonzola☆ characters such as Mochiya, Kichigai Jigoku Gedou Saimon, Yuyusu and Sutera.

Other Netas

Mettaur Zerukalo

Mettaur ZRKL

   Zerukalo as Mettaur from Mega Man video game series. Created by Nicovideo user named シナン in the BB material video. Mostly shown as her companions in media.

It's boiling!

"沸きました (wakimashita) !"

The line from Onsen☆. Said when she dug the hot springs and told others about that.


"やったぜ (yattaze) 。"

The quote from her livestreams. Usually used as a reference to Hentai Kuso Oyaji (WARNING: the link is NSFW) from Inmu.

Spare some change

"お恵みあれ (o megumi are) "

The line from Gorgonzola☆. A common phrase to request alms or charity in shrines. Literally means "may there be grace."