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"ニュークリアウエポン (nyūkuriauepon) 発射 (hassha) !!コンギョコ (kongyo) コンギョコ (kongyo) コンギョコ (kongyo) !!!!" —— the line from Gorgonzola☆ referring to the North Korean military song

   Yuyusu is the voice actress who played Ibuki Suika in Gorgonzola☆ and Fumei Reimu in Self-Contradiction☆, also planned her own voice drama named Yuyusu☆, and participated in many obscure voice dramas. In 2020, she started her career as a VTuber named Shishio Chris in Nanashiinku Agency and has more than 50,000 subscribers on Youtube, making her the most successful VTuber related to Cookie☆.


In Voice Drama

   Before Yuyusu joined Cookie☆, she voiced doujins under various nicknames and released them on CD.

   Her Cookie☆ debut role was Suika in Gorgonzola☆ (June 6, 2018). People liked her voice acting and she reminded them of professional voice actress Outani Ikue.

   In December 2018 she planned the voice drama Yuyusu☆ and did the writing, drawing, and voice acting all by herself. Her most famous role is the lead role in Self-Contradiction☆ (February 15, 2020), but in the time voice drama was released she already stopped her online activity in the Cookie☆ community.

   She also participated in Hapikuri☆ where she played original characters.

Online Activities

   She is one of the victims of the "Freezing Festival" - in September 2018 her Twitter account was frozen after a false DMCA claim.

   In March 2018 Yuyusu started a VTuber channel named "Kuesu Hatena".

   In January 2020 Yuyusu declared that she was ending her online activities under the name "Yuyusu" because her stepfather had found out about her online activities. She deleted her Twitter account and her VTuber channel. She started a new VTuber career under the name "Shishio Chris" in March 2020. People recognized Yuyusu by her voice, acting, video production ability and the fact that she's also a baseball fan. In April 2020 Chris admitted that she was Yuyusu.

In Derived Creations

Shishio Chris in YYS style (im10623731)

   Yuyusu has four popular avatars: Suika from Gorgonzola☆, Fumei Reimu and Shiriri Saikyo from Self-Contradiction☆, and VTuber Shishio Chris. Other characters are obscure, the most of them can be seen in the Yuyusu collaboration. Her characters often appear in Gorgonzola☆ Suika's design.

   Fumei Reimu's character is based on Self-Contradiction☆ creators: Jikomujun and Fumei. The last scene of this drama is a parody of Ibu Masato's cover of a Sammy Davis Jr. song "Don't Blame the Children", the instrumental version of which is often used as Fumei Reimu's theme.