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Yuuhi(ゆうひぃ (yuuhi) ) is the voice actor who played the role of the fourth Marisa along with Meguru in the fourth voice drama made by Atouda, Touhou Christmas 2015! Voice Drama Project (Kussokuri☆ or Kusso☆S4).


In the Voice Drama

Yuuhi appears alongside Meguru to replace the previous Marisa, Akane. She incites the ire of Shiromiya when playing with the cat KogaNeko, and defeats Iseamoa, a parody of Udzuki's Recitation-aniki as Rinnosuke, after a short scuffle. After delivering everything with Shiromiya, she left to sing karaoke with Meguru.

Real Life

Yuuhi is very tolerant of Cookie☆. Even as the first of the voice actors on Kussokuri☆ to have her personal information identified, she did not mind such exposure and actively interacted with the voice actors on Kussokuri☆ and Cookie☆. She had also once planned a voice drama, but the project was eventually abandoned. Yuuhi temporarily ceased activities on the internet for a period of time for reasons unknown. Then, on 25 September 2019, a Twitter account was created with the name “Yuuh!*”. Based on her voice and responses to comments on Mirrativ and TwitCasting, the owner of the Twitter account is confirmed to be the real Yuuhi, and she continues to be active as a game streamer.

In Derived Creations


As in the voice drama, Yuuhi is often paired with Meguru. She may be Meguru’s best friend, soulmate, a guardian/motherly figure, or the only human person that Monster Yuuhi(see below) does not attack. She initially did not appear very often in MAD videos, but her part has grown as Meguru's partner. It seems that her character and popularity is also strongly influenced by Seiga fan art. In contrast to Meguru, she appears more frequently in these still arts than in MADs. Yuuhi is also paired with other Marisa roles from Atouda's voice dramas, particularly either the rest of the Marisa crew from Kussokuri☆ as group called the Mass-Produced Udzuki (量産型 (りょうさんがた) 量産型 (ryōsan-gata) UDK (udzuki) ), or Suzu from Choco-Heart☆.


Yuuhi has a unique design that stands out even amongst the already distinctive designs of Kussokuri☆'s Marisas. Chief distinguishing features include hands hidden entirely by the drooping sleeves of her outfit, a chestnut mouth, a cat smile, simple rectangular black-and-white eyes, and her legs hidden by her long skirt. Her original design seems to be based on that of Udzuki, which in turn is based on Marisa Kirisame, but hers has been altered so much that it hardly looks like Udzuki at all. All these features are often exaggerated to monstrous levels, to create designs for Monster Yuuhi, which she is often depicted as in MAD. The real-life Yuuhi’s Twitter account and new online handle uses a much different non�Cookie☆ design, a blue-haired anime-styled girl named Blue Yuuhi

Related Netas

ばけもの (bakemono) ゆうひぃ (yuuhii)

Monstrous forms and avatars of Yuuhi, mainly seen in Seiga and other places for Cookie☆ fan art. The degree of transformation and shape varies greatly between individuals, but many of them are either uncanny and nightmarish, or cutesy and harmless. The idea seems to have come from the deformed style of the illustrations and design used by Yuuhi in Kussokuri☆, and the earliest known fan art specifically depicting a Monster Yuuhi design and the one that started all the Monster Yuuhi fanart was “Bakemono Yuuhi*(ばけものゆうひぃ)” posted by Tenten on December 20, 2015, around the same month Kussokuri☆ was released.

Monster Yuuhi

○○って (tte) ゆひ (yuhi) (wa) (したう) (shitau) うけど (ukedo) なぁ~ (nā ~)

A vocabulary phrase that is used by Yuuhi in videos, filling various words or phrases in the "○○" part. In addition, "Yuuhi" here is used instead of a first person pronoun. The actual Yuuhi does not use it that often.

ゆうひぃ (yuuhii) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) ちゃん (chan)

A name used by Yuuh*! when describing illustrations of her character from Kussokuri☆. Perhaps this name was used so that she can distinguish and separate her new account and design from and her old Cookie☆ role and design from Kussokuri☆.

(あお) (ao) ゆうひぃ (yuuhii)

Yuuhi's original character for their Twitter icon, header, and for their streaming activities.

Blue Yuuhi