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   Yamin (やみん (yamin) ) is one of the voice actors who played in the original Cookie☆ voice drama. Her main role in the drama is Ibuki Suika(SIK), of which character she is most closely associated with. She also voiced minor characters including Cirno(CRN), and Patchouli PCLY).

   Yamin is usually referred by the community by her TDN name YMN-aneki. However, the character is more frequently directly called SIK(the TDN name form of Suika) than other Cookie characters. “SIK” in Cookie☆ is a single character that merged references from her, Nana Takahashi(the Suika from music video Shuwa Super Daisakusen☆) and Fujiwara Marina(the Suika from Club Ibuki in Break All). The orginal character of Suika has been called as “Yajuu’s Sister(野獣妹 (やじゅうまい) 野獣妹 (yajuumai) )” and associated with Inmu independently of Yamin's role.

After Cookie☆ became famous as a meme subculture, Yamin had been one of the voice actors who most actively interacted with the community. She remains active today as a online personality and Youtuber.


   Yamin was already a very famous NicoNico live broadcaster before participating in Cookie☆. The reason someone as famous as her participated in the drama was because of an invitation from Udzuki. At the time of recording, her home was far away from the studio used by Hazuna Rio, so she had to sent her home-recorded audio to Hazuna. Thus, she had not interacted with the organiser in person, and was not the subject of much discussions at the early stage of the Cookie☆ controversy.

Her mentioning of the voice drama during a livestream in 2013 brought her some attention, but it did not grow into a huge topic until the recorded video was uploaded on to Niconico in December that year. This boosted the already growing demand of her audio materials during the Cookie☆ BB theatre boom. Henceforward, she was considered one of the voice actors most actively involved in the subculture alongside Reu and Taisa.

   Yamin disappeared briefly from the internet in 2015 and returned in 2016, due to apparently having tried to become a professional voice actor and failing. Since then, vowing to become a great entertainer, her popularity seems to be expanding even outside of Cookie☆, appearing on the official NicoNico channel. The JP wiki considers her an internet celebrity of some kind.

   In 2020, she began posting lewd pictures of herself on Twitter and onto PixivFANBOX, which has also garnered her attention from other sources.

Voice Drama Roles

   Most of Yamin’s appearances in voice dramas are brief. In the OG Cookie☆, her first appearance in the video was as SIK, who came out of the shrine to ask who was over. Her second appearance was as CRN, whose screen time was even shorter, with merely two lines. Her third appearance was as Patchouli, who takes up the most screen time of these three roles. She scolds Marisa for breaking into the library, and reads there with Alice.

   In terms of Touhou related voice drama, the last role she has played was as Youmu in Birthday☆, which has basically not been acknowledged at all in fan works, even though it had caused a stir when it was revealed she’d voice act for a voice drama again.

Probably her most famous scene


Appearance and Character

Common image used in BB theaters
A BB material of Yamin with her weapon Inmu no Hitotachi

Yamin is always portrayed as her Suika Ibuki role in terms of appearance. Sometimes, pictures and video of her from live streams are used, but that's not entirely common. By default, however, she has long orange hair, a red ribbon on the back of her head, horns, a purple skirt, and shoes with bows.

Typically, Yamin is a mischievous or childish character in BB theatres, but rarely if ever portrayed in a villainous sense. Despite her childish appearance, she also has been portrayed as a fighter with a sense of justice.

In battle theatres, Yamin's most common weapon is a sword named "Inmu no Hitotachi(淫夢之一太刀, the One Tachi of Inmu)". The name came from a quote from Yamin in live stream, “people of Inmu(淫夢の人たち)” that has the same pronunciation. The appearance of this sword came from Monster Hunter.



In BB theater, she's often portrayed as a mother figure for Yamin and are usually close like family. In the real world, Kanna and Yamin are good friends and often collab with each other, especially as Kanna started Vtuber activity.


Yamin's brother (usually) in BB theater, because of her close associations with Inmu and Suika having a similar meaning to the name of Yajuu. Their relationship varies. In the real world, Yamin seems to respect him.

Uzuki, Reu, Hinase