The Freezing Festival

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The "Freezing Festival" illustrated. The person at the top is CLOUD, the personification of the culprits of this incident (im8319274)

   From June to September 2018, many Twitter accounts of people active in the Cookie☆ community were frozen due to false DMCA claims. This incident is known as the "Freezing Festival" or the "Ice Age of Cookie☆".


   When an image is posted on Twitter, a third party claiming to be the author of the image can claim copyright infringement by impersonating a real or fictitious company, resulting the Twitter account being frozen. This abuse had been a problem for some time before the incident began, but in June 2018, it began to be a problem in the Cookie☆ community (the accounts of the creators of Inmu MAD began to be frozen before June 2018).

   The incident began with Shiriri's account being frozen (June 19, 2018), which quickly became a widely discussed topic. After that, accounts of people who participated in Gorgonzola☆ (Zerukalo, Mochiya, Jun, and Yuyusu) were also affected. Rumors said, that this incident was caused by Shiriri's haters who hated him for making clout-farming voice dramas. However, the voice actors of Cookie☆OG were also affected (Reu and Yamin), as well as the Cookie☆ MAD creators, which means that the incident was made by multiple people with different motives.

   The identities of the culprits remain unknown, but there was a Twitter troll named CLOUD who claimed responsibility for the entire incident and no one believed them. Ironically, their Twitter accounts were banned six times due to false DMCA claims.

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