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"一応企画者です" ——Taisa's remarks, during a livestream

Taisa is the main planner and organizer of the full Taisa voice drama trilogy consisting of Cookie ☆☆ S1, S2, and S3, where she also plays a voice-acted role in each part of the trilogy. She released these voice dramas as actual voice-only videos (with MMD adaptations by fans released later), and was unaware of the first Cookie voice drama and the uproar over it while planning Cookie ☆☆ S1, but she was well-aware of the community by the time she planned the rest of the trilogy. Boasting a high-class voice-acting ability and a charismatic personality, Taisa is an infamous and prominent figure within the Cookie community, especially in the community's early days, with both praise and condemnation from the community over her actions and character, mainly over Taisa being seen as a "voice drama vendor" who sells out amateur voice actresses to the Homos, and over Taisa's friendships with other voice actresses, particularly her complex relationship with her incredibly close friend and one-time romantic partner Maazu. In BB Theaters, Taisa takes on a commanding role with a domineering presence, either as a villainous yet charismatic voice drama planner or as the loyal leader of the ALC Faction.


In Voice Drama

Cookie☆☆ S1

Alice Margatroid : She stays asleep for her screen time in the voice drama, and her lewd, Marisa-centric sleep-talking embarrassed Marisa Kirisame, who came over to deliver presents, so much that Marisa blew up Alice's house. After that, she charged Marisa for house repairs.

Eirin Yagokoro : Eirin is shown asleep and mumbling about Kaguya Houraisan's NEET behavior. She got a present from Marisa while asleep, however Marisa also pilfered Eirin's books and imbibed some of her medicine. Later it is shown that the medicine Marisa drank was a special concoction that would make the drinker look like a man and increase their libido, though Eirin assumed Kaguya drank the medicine.

Cookie☆☆ S2

Taisa plays her most well-known role here, Patchouli Knowledge, who is shown to like Marisa Kirisame but is unable to be honest with her feelings. When Reimu and her friends arrived at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Patchouli was surprised that Marisa was accompanying them. She participated in the King's Game with the other characters, but when Flandre tries to kiss Marisa by order, she gets interrupted and the King's Game turns into a danmaku duel. Afterwards, Patchouli was so tired that she fell asleep and got sick.

Cookie☆☆ S3

Yukari Yakumo: She is shown to like Reimu and always stays close to her, however Reimu treats her with annoyance and exasperation. She appears from beginning to end of the story, always sticking by Reimu and being disliked by her, but she does not involve herself in the story too much and just enjoys herself.

Patchouli Knowledge: She appears at the end of the voice drama to give Marisa a present, but was stopped by Alice and the two of them began fighting. In the end however, she spends the Christmas at the Hakurei Shrine.

In Real Life

The real Taisa is apparently a resident of Hyogo Prefecture. Together with Maazu and Kanna, they are known as the Three Idiots of Hyogo. Before creating the Cookie ☆☆ trilogy, Taisa attended a vocational school together with Maazu, who became one of her closest friends, and together they collaborated on various streams, such as Maazu singing together with Taisa, and the Yuru Yuri voice collab. Shiri, one of the participants in the Yuru Yuri voice collab, is also a close friend of Taisa from back in high school, and one who Taisa has known before Maazu.

Maazu and Taisa were also known to be actual lovers at one point, even having a sexual experience (known as the Manchurian Incident), and according to Maazu, Taisa smells like squid. However, when confronted about their orientation in a stream, Taisa immediately replied she was straight and Maazu was unable to give a direct answer. Later on, Maazu reconciled with Taisa, the both of them broke up on mutual and friendly terms, and Maazu disappeared from the Internet. Later on, according to Aiki's tweets, Taisa fell in love with and married a man (who is a former Cookie☆ fan). Sources conflict on their number of kids, either being 2 children or none.

Cookie ☆☆ S1 was co-planned by Taisa and Maazu, but Taisa handled most of the editing work and recruitment of voice actresses. Subsequent voice dramas were handled by Taisa alone. During the production of the voice drama, Taisa was unaware of the uproar and controversy caused by Hazuna Rio's Cookie☆ voice drama, until Cookie ☆☆ S1 was finished and publicly released. Upon Cookie ☆☆ S1 being targeted by homos and suffering rumor-damage, Taisa immediately deleted the voice drama, but soon after understood what was happening and accepted the attention brought by Cookie☆, planning the rest of the Cookie ☆☆ series with this knowledge. During the process of making Cookie ☆☆ voice dramas, Taisa managed to form friendly relationships and rapports with the voice actresses she invited, including Kanna, Rei, and others, and even collaborated with them in singing. Kanna even stated at one point that Taisa was the basis of her heart.

However, Taisa was also heavily criticized for being a "voice drama vendor" who was selling out her voice actresses to the Cookie☆ community in exchange for infamy, especially since she appears to have not informed her own voice actresses about Cookie☆ while midway through creating the Cookie☆☆ series. She stopped associating with most of her voice actresses that formed a rapport with her after heavy rumor damage, but she still kept her friendship with Aiki and Rei.

Taisa continued to be involved with Cookie☆ for a long time, reviving and disappearing constantly over her tenure, but eventually stopped her activity on the Internet for good. From a blog in 2019, she appears to be living with her husband nowadays, but has apparently contracted syphilis (perhaps from her husband going through customs).

Character and Design


Taisa's charismatic, flirtatious, and charming personality yet evil deeds and continued exposure of voice actresses to Cookie☆ led to many varying portrayals of her in Cookie, most commonly as a villainous, anti-villainous, or morally dubious character with an air of charisma, confidence, and authority, and usually a domineering, manipulative, and aggressive force in whatever video she stars in. She may either be a genuine scumbag, or someone with a good mind and intentions who performs morally questionable actions because she has to. At the very least, she is shown to care about her friends and her family, and will lay down her life for them. She is most commonly seen using the model of her Patchouli role from Cookie☆☆ S2, though without her hat, and is also shown to be a heavy smoker and skilled video editor.

Taisa's powers and abilities vary heavily and aren't really set in stone. Taisa appears to be skilled in gunplay and shootouts however, especially in works that depict her and the ALC-faction as part of a mafia-esque syndicate. Due to the Manchurian Incident and Maazu stating that Taisa smelled like squid, Taisa may also take on the attributes of a squid, sporting long cephalopod tentacles.


Usually Taisa is the leader of the ALC-faction, a group made up of other Alice roles from Cookie☆ such as Hinase and Ichigo. This faction is treated either as an actual family, or a mafia-style organization, both being led by Taisa at the forefront who cares for them and guarantees the safety and loyalty of each member. In turn, the faction is incredibly loyal to Taisa (with the occasional exception of Hinase who may betray or disagree with Taisa). Taisa uses her "Alice" design whenever she's associated with the ALC-faction. This "Alice" design is either another form that Patchouli-Taisa can easily transform into, or Taisa's only design without the Patchouli or Yukari designs appearing at all.

Since Taisa is a voice drama planner, she may also be part of the general Cookie☆ voice drama planner group, with Hazuna Rio, Atouda, and other voice drama creators. Within this group, due to the tendency to depict creators of voice dramas as villainous, she may be at her most evil or malevolent here. Hazuna Rio also gets paired with Taisa on occasion due to their history as creators of the most infamous and popular voice dramas, either being partners in crime, enemies, or actual lovers, or Hazuna is merely a patsy or summonable minion for Taisa.

The pairing of MZTIS (Maazu-Taisa) and Taisa's relationship with Maazu also gets focus in Cookie☆ content, though Maazu is usually the viewpoint character for those BB theaters that focus on said pairing. In this pairing, the contrast of Maazu's demureness with Taisa's confidence, and the occasional portrayal where they switch personalities entirely when in bed, is a popular depiction of the dynamics of this relationship. Usually MZTIS-centric works will be tragic or bittersweet due to how the relationship in real life ended in a breakup, and occasionally the Manchurian Incident or Taisa's current husband will be mentioned. Within Taisa-focused works, this pairing gets a nod occasionally, as one that Taisa looks fondly or nostalgically upon.

Outside of these characters, Taisa does interact with the rest of the cast from the Cookie☆☆ series, notably Kanna, who fights against Taisa or may even work for her, and Benikurage, who has a grudge against Taisa and may attempt to assault her or catfight with her.


Taisa has three distinctive designs due to her playing different roles in Cookie☆☆. These designs may either be interchangeable, with Taisa transforming between each design, or only one design may be used, with the others not existing at all :

Patchouli Knowledge (PCLYTIS)

The most ubiquitous design for Taisa (usually tagged PCLYTIS), this design uses the Patchouli Knowledge MMD model created by Arlvit, which is essentially the standard design for Patchouli Knowledge. This design is used mostly for works depicting Taisa as a villain, with the other voice drama planners, or with Maazu in a MZTIS-focused work, though occasionally this design may be used for whenever Taisa is depicted as the leader of the ALC-faction. When used for Taisa, this design is altered a bit, with the removal of the hat, addition of cigarettes, and making her look more "confident" through facial expressions. When depicted in illustrations this design may be altered even further, like the addition of sharper eyes, shark-like teeth, bigger breasts and the tentacles of a squid.

Alice Margatroid (ALCTIS)

Second-most popular design for Taisa, used mostly for ALC-faction focused works. Despite there being an usable MMD model and design for Alice Margatroid in the first Cookie☆☆ voice drama, that model is never used nor seen. Another distinctive design is used for Alice-Taisa (ALCTIS), a small simplistic midget-like design, which originates from hand-drawn illustrations by Taisa herself from an online radio show that she distributed sometime before creating Cookie☆☆. The Alice illustration in the image was cut out, then later given a full body and animated by Self-Contradiction-aniki, leading to this design's burst in popularity. Like the design of PCLYTIS, ALCTIS may also be given additional attributes such as sharp teeth, cigarettes, and confident eyes, though she's always depicted as the smallest and shortest of the ALC-faction.

Yukari Yakumo (いとうあさこ)

The least used design for Taisa, hearkening back to her Yukari Yakumo role in Cookie☆☆ S3. Only ever used as an alternate form or disguise by the other designs. This designs uses either the Yukari Yakumo MMD model used in Cookie☆☆ S3's MMD adaptation, or a 2D illustration based off the icons used by Cookie☆☆ S3's sole illustration before it received an MMD adaptation.

Other Netas


Fire/Flying-type falcon Pokemon introduced in Generation 6, and occasionally associated with Taisa and Maazu. Originated from a mishearing of 上手いやろー (Good Luck!) uttered by Taisa on a stream, sounding like ファイアロー (puha) Talonflame's Japanese name.

"I edited it, I did."

編集したからな、私が (henshū shitakarana , watashi ga)

Remark by Taisa following the previous statement of 上手いやろー. Within derivative works, this statement is used whenever Taisa displays her high competence and skills in video production, etc. The actual context was that Taisa was boasting about her good impersonation of Maazu, and "I edited it" perhaps meant that she learnt how to impersonate Maazu through the editing process of her voice dramas, wherein Taisa may have heard Maazu's voice quite often.

"Yocchan Fried Squid"

よっちゃんイカ (yochan ika)


Type of fried squid snack popular in Japan. In the infamous Manchurian Incident, Maazu noted that Taisa's vagina smelled quite like this specific squid snack. In derivative works, this fried snack may be used as a representation of the Manchurian Incident as a whole, and Taisa may also take on squid-like traits, abilities, and attributes, or be depicted as a squid like monster girl, like how Hazuna Rio is depicted with crab-like traits.

Asako Ito

いとう あさこ (Ito Asako)

A Japanese comedian and entertainer. The voice used by Taisa for Yukari Yakumo in Cookie☆☆ S3 is noted to be very similar to Asako Ito's voice, and as such whenever Taisa's Yukari design, the MMD model of it, or sometimes just Yukari Yakumo within a Cookie or Inmu context shows up, people comment Asako Ito.

Chichibu stock price~

秩父株価だよ^~ (chichibu kabukadayo^~)

A mishearing of the line 「 (ちち) ブカブカだよー (bukabukada yo) !」 (I'm a titty buzzkill!), from a radio-style talk posted on Koe Club. Since the original context was that she was complaining about her breasts being too small for an adult swimsuit, the shortened version of this mishearing (秩父株価 (ちちぶかぶか) 秩父株価 (Chichibu kabuka) ) in turn is occasionally used when referring to small breasts.

Voice Drama Trader/Vendor

ヴォイスドラマ (voice drama) 業者 (ぎょしゃ) 業者 (gyōsha)

A nickname for Taisa which came about due to her actions of selling out the voice actresses of her voice dramas to the Cookie☆ community. Later on, this nickname was also used to refer to other Cookie voice drama creators who made self-aware/respect-type voice dramas. The nickname originated from this video, which in turn is a parody of an Inmu homo video starring GO, involving GO being a video trader who sold out people.