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"財布 (さいふ) "財布 (saifu) マスタースパーク (masutāsupāku) !!!!" ()

—— Suzu's line of Marisa performing Master Spark to break open the walls to the Scarlet Devil Mansion library.

Suzu is the voice actress who played Kirisame Marisa in Kusso☆S3 (15 August 2015). She was active on Koebu, although she did not contribute many voice clips. Sporting a distinct design with her short stature and shut eyes and a unique character that varies between a psychopath slasher and naive airhead, Suzu is a highly prominent character from among the Kusso☆S3 as well as Cookie☆ in general.


In Voice Drama

Suzu plays Kirisame Marisa in Kusso☆S3, who behaved bizarrely in the story. She stole Meiling’s chocolate and framed it as her own fault. She also destroyed the wall of the Scarlet Devil’s Mansion with Master Spark when attempting to meet Patchouli.

Marisa showed off her closeness with Alice in front of Reimu. She later indifferently ate Reimu's Valentine’s Day chocolate for her that was broke and scattered all over the place, ignoring the crying Reimu.

Suzu's performance is noted for the extremely fast “Master Spark” line, and large vocal range. However, her sound quality was very poor.

Notable Lines

  • 財布 (さいふ) 財布 (saifu) マスタースパーク (masutāsupāku) - A mishearing of Suzu's "Love Sign Master Spark" line, where the word 恋符 (こいふ) 恋符 (koifu) in 恋符 (こいふ) 恋符 (koifu) マスタースパーク (masutāsupāku) is misheard as 財布 (さいふ) 財布 (saifu) .
  • うれしいよ! (Ureshī yo!)
  • たくさんあるな! (takusan aru na!)
  • マッテクレー (mattekurē) - Reply to Ichigo's line "イクヨ (iku yo) ".
  • 一個もらうぜ ({{{2}}})
  • 詠唱(Chanting): her line, "I promise I’ll pay you back on White Day"  from the second half of Kusso☆S3. This in the voice drama is followed by Rurima's famous line “Damn this!(こんなもの!)” It is called "chanting" because, similar to Udzuki’s dialogue being used as a prelude for Inmu, it is used in MAD as a prelude to RRM's appearance, as if it is summoning spell.

Voice Actress Activities

Not much is known about Suzu. She seemed to have been a junior high school student when she voiced for Kusso☆S3. She claimed to have gone to school wearing a sarashi. Her parents told her that they would not be surprised if she had a girlfriend. She was accused of being rather vulgar.

Since voicing for the voice drama, Suzu seemed to be aware that she became the centre of attention, so she closed her main Twitter account and changed to another one. She largely avoided the chaos and reputational damage caused by being a Cookie☆ voice actress.

Suzu's voice is noted for having avery poor recording environment, as if it were echoes in a bathroom, and her vocal line is comparable to that of Udzuki and Azusa. Her voice itself, however, has been complimented as surprisingly magnetic and handsome when she speaks normally.

Around August 2019, a Twitter account unearthed was claimed to be the real Suzu. While people were suspicious at first, the owner of the account did have a voice extremely similar to that of the real Suzu, This similarity reinforced the belief until Atouda himself disproved the connection, asking the account questions only the real Suzu would know. The fake account had ever since stopped all Twitter activity. This fake Suzu would later joined a list of other fake Kusso☆S3 characters, such as Fake Rurima, Fake Nyon, and Fake Ichigo.

In Derived Works


Suzu-centric works often to play around with her status as a serial killer, as well as the tritagonists of the Kusso☆S3 cast. They may explore her relationships with other characters, and showcase a variety of different genres, from horror to comedy, and from light-hearted fare to tear-jerking affairs. Some BB theaters label her an SCP who has escaped and breached containment, or relate her to similar fictional knife-wielding murderers like Chara of Undertale fame. An example of a famous Suzu-centric series would be the Reflections of Suzu the Investigator series (English translations), which depicts the Kusso☆S3 gang and Hisui in a serious police drama as crime investigators, with Suzu portraying a brilliant yet eccentric private investigator who hides a secret murderous side.

Serial Killer

Exaggerating her indifference and odd behaviours from the original voice drama, Suzu in BB theatres is commonly and rather famously portrayed as a psychopath. Having once been treated as mere KY(someone who cannot read other people’s feelings), she eventually came to be recognised as a serial killer after Knife-Wielding Suzu BB@+Examples (February 19, 2017) and Suzu Building a Pile of Corpses BB+Examples(February 21, 2017) were released. This established an easily recognisable personality. Henceforward, Suzu rose from being mostly eclipsed by other Kusso☆S3 characters to a popular character herself. Her victims are usually "weaklings" or "butts of the joke"-type characters, especially Nyon and Joker. She also has a common trait of being an airhead or a dummy, much like the other Kusso☆S3 cast members.

Often in contrast with the slasher character, she will be portrayed as being terribly shy around and easily embarrassed by lewd subjects, or hopelessly naive with such subjects. This is influenced by the traits of the real-life Suzu. This trait began to be recognised by Suzu embarrassed by her skirt being lifted GB (24 June 2017) and Ichigo is dunking with light form GB+ Usage examples (11 July 2017). Suzu may have the special ability to walk through walls, derived from Suzu through the wall.GIF(31 July 2017) . However, this power often backfires, which leads to her getting stuck.

As a serial killer, Suzu uses many weapons in murders and combats. Suzu wielding a knife innocently BB+ α.genocide, Knife-Wielding Suzu BB@+Examples (February 19, 2017), and Suzu Building a Pile of Corpses BB+Examples(February 21, 2017) established kitchen knife and other kinds of sharp knives as the main weapon used by Suzu. However, the knife was later overrode by the chainsaw—which originated from this video and became her signature weapon—and now is only her secondary weapon. Like most other Marisa roles of Cookie☆, she can use the Master Spark, though what the Master Spark actually is depends on the specific author.

In more recent creations, the slasher trait of Suzu has become increasingly weakened and deconstructed. It played less and less important roles in defining her personality, often being brought up for gags. A more modern Suzu displays a much friendlier or genuinely pleasant personality in BB theatres, or the "straight man" and tritagonist personality to the antics of her friends like Nyon and Ichigo. However, her serial killer traits still show up from time to time, being so classic a trope of hers.

Battle Cookie☆

Suzu is labeled as 雑魚専(Weakling specialist) by haters who disliked the development of her as a psychopath slasher around early 2017. While the BB theatres were mainly about Suzu hunting other characters, she is also one step behind the strongest characters like Hinase and Kanna. As of 2019, google search would suggest “weakling specialist “ for searching “SZ”.  Suzu has often been criticised for being overpowered, much more as compared to other traditionally strong characters such as Hinase. This is due to the fact that when Hinase and others were being made strong, The genre of Battle Cookie☆ was trending and people were encouraged by this to make the characters stronger. By the time Suzu grew popular, Heartwarming Cookie genre centring on characters like Nyon became mainstream, and the psycho killer Suzu stood out especially at that time. On a side note, the origin of the word “weakling specialist" is from Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka.


Suzu often hangs out with the two other main characters of Kusso☆S3. Her relationship with the rest of the cast, however, is often not as close.


Nyon and Suzu have a caustic relationship. Nyon is either terrified of, indifferent towards, or genuinely friendly towards Suzu, while Suzu either murders, puts up with her antics, or is actively happy to be Nyon's friend. They are also paired together sometimes as a couple, although this is incredibly rare and is mostly seen in still artworks. BB theatres depicting Suzu as the "third wheel" or "straight man" to the duo of Nyon and Ichigo have become more prevalent in recent years after the popularity boom of all three characters, and Suzu often serves treated as the tritagonists of sorts in NYNICG-centric BB theaters.


The romantic relationship portrayed in the original voice drama barely makes it into the derived works, although Ichigo is usually spared from any violence Suzu partakes in. However, Ichigo usually messes with Suzu in some way, especially when she serves as the tritagonist of NYNICG-centric works, either embarrassing her with lewd topics or using her booster arrows to lift up her skirt.


Rurima had romantic feelings for Suzu in the original voice drama, only for them to be broken as Suzu accepts Ichigo's chocolates with indifference to her own feelings. Outside the voice drama, their romantic relationship is sometimes portrayed while other times replaced by a simple friend relationship. Suzu may also try to make her another murder victim, or be utterly repulsed and horrified by her lewdness and horniness due to her own discomfort with lewd topics.


Despite being from another unrelated voice drama entirely, and with the two real life voice actresses having never interacted, Joker is possibly the most popular character to pair with Suzu, and most often in a romantic relationship. Her link with Suzu started with her being a most poular victim of Suzu's murder or bullying, serving the role of "final girl" in contest with Suzu as the slasher.

As Suzu's portrayal becomes less psychopathic, Joker remained connected to her and there came different portrayals of their relationship. Eventually, it became mainstream to have the two characters romantically involved, dating, and obsessed with each other, with Joker sometimes even shrugging off any of Suzu's murder attempts or teaching Suzu about sexual topics much to Suzu's detriment. SZJo being normal schoolgirls with a crush on each other is a popular portrayal of this relationship.

Udzuki and the Udzuki Sisters

Despite also being a designated "butt of the joke"-type character, Udzuki des not often see actual abuses or deaths at the hands of Suzu. On the other hand, Suzu is often made related to the popular group Udzuki Sisters, being portrayed as their distant cousin. They are often a duo of well-meaning idiots.

Yuuhi and Meguru

Suzu's interactions with Yuuhi and Meguru are less common, and they are predominantly in illustrations. While sometimes there are hostilities, Suzu is typically genial and pleasant with both characters. She can be portrayed as a friend/relative to Meguru and thereby Yuuhi. Suzu likes to show affection towards the both of them, especially Yuuhi, despite their violent nature.


Suzu's character design almost always come from 相生青唯 (Aioi Ao Yui) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) 's artwork of Kirisame Marisa from a scene of origin voice drama(as featured on the infobox). This design features eyes that are always shut, a short stature and small bust, simple arms and hands, and two giant stars emblazoned on her uniform like buttons. Most illustrations and BB theatres features Suzu in this distinctive design, especially with the shut eyes. In BB theaters, Suz may also open her eyes on occasion, with her eye and pupil colors being white, heterochromatic, or red depending on the author.

It's also popular to depict Suzu in uniforms other than the witch outfit of Kirisame Marisa. Several famous outfits include:

Chinese Suzu, as drawn by Atouda
  • Schoolgirl uniform, paired with Joker, matching the real life Suzu's status as a junior high school girl
  • Blood-stained or messier variants of her witch uniform with gloves, bloodied garbage bags, or shovels, depicting her as the slasher
  • A cop or detective outfit, due to the popularity of the Reflections of Suzu the Investigator series
  • Catlike attributes, such as cat's ears or a cat smile
  • A red cloak, similar to the Little Red Riding Hood
  • A Chinese dress, the design of which had a recent popularity boom mainly on Twitter

Occasionally other designs of Suzu may be used, taken from sources in the voice drama like the "realistic" drawings or the Atouda-drawn scenes.

Other Netas

"SZ (Suzu) (to) () () します (shimasu) " - originated from Suzu's Koe Club recordings. It is used in MADs as a way for Suzu to make a name for herself or introduce herself.

"こ ん に ち は (ko n ni chi wa) "

Originates from a video series that portrays the subtitled and edited playthrough of a video game called Beholder 3, with Suzu providing commentary and acting as the main protagonist. When the protagonist Suzu is asked to change the frequency of the government's propaganda-broadcasting radio-station to the frequency of the resistance's propaganda station, she is caught between pressure from both sides, and decides to play a children's radio as a compromise. This incident within the series became a character trait of hers, and it is common that whenever Suzu utters "Hello", the spaces between each letter will be emphasized greatly.

SZクラゲ (Suzukurage)

Suzu Jellyfish

A derivative character from this video that uses the ribbon of her hat as an eye and exists as an independent creature. The first appearance of it was in Unagi-Inu BB, and, as the title suggests, it is called an ウナギイヌ(Unagi-Inu, fusion of an eel and a dog.) because its eyes looked like those drawn by Fujio Akatsuka.

Daily Suzu Ranking

"日刊 (にっかん) 日刊 (Nikkan) SZ (Suzu) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) ランキング (rankingu) ", a daily ranking of Suzu-centric videos posted by でこポンゴ (dekopongo) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) each day from April 7, 2017, to April 6, 2018. There are 396 of these ranking videos, including reuploads, updates, et cetera. This ranking was one of the many rankings of popular or favorite characters that were trending at the time due to the influence of the Hisui boom, but this ranking was uniquely posted daily rather than the monthly posting rate of other rankings. In addition, due to tradition from the Inmu Majime-kun Ranking videos, most of the video's length is spent counting other daily rankings, or daily rankings within daily rankings. Incidentally, there was a monthly Suzu-centric ranking posted by シナン (sinan) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) , with a total of seven ranking videos posted from March 2017 to September 2017.

() (ta) ちばな (chibana)

The online handle that the real Suzu used for a while on Twitter. In stark contrast to her character having difficulties with sexual issues, the real Suzu is often accused of vulgarity, and her handle is a prime example of this, with the kanji () (ta) meaning "to get an erection."

さらし (sarashi)

A length of white cloth, worn in Japan in a variety of ways, most commonly under a kimono or wrapped around the chest. The character of Suzu is commonly portrayed as wearing sarashi instead of bras because the real Suzu once said in a Twitcasting stream that she used to wear a sarashi in place of a bra whenever she went to school.


"ファッションレズ (fasshonrezu) , a Japanese term referring to people who attempt, try to, or pretend to be lesbians, but are not truly lesbians. This term is further derived from the Japanese slang of the word "fashion" (ファッション (fasshon) ) being used as a prefix added to other terms to indicate a hobbyist or pretender. Suzu’s parents told her that they wouldn't be surprised if she brought her girlfriend home, so she is treated as a fashion lesbian, as if she were someone who experimented in junior high school. The character of Suzu in MADs is often portrayed as a fashion lesbian, especially when coupled with Joker, who is a serious lesbian.