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   Sutera is the voice actress who played Reisen II in Gorgonzola☆. "Sutera" is a Japanese transliteration of the Latin word "Stella" (a star).


Online Activities

   Sutera has two Twitter accounts and sometimes have a converstation with herself. She's an open bisexual, and uses her Sevan account to request dick pics per DMs and sexually harasses female followers.

   In June 2018 she had an argument with Zerukalo on Twitter known as the "Mirror-Star War" (Zerukalo's nickname means "a mirror").

   She is a big fan of Len'en Project and often posts about it.

Other Netas

Sevan Ball

"Modern art" (im8298266)

   A photo (Warning: Quite NSFW) of Sutera's groin with a mysterious blue sphere censoring her genitals. First appeared online in July 2018. Sometimes used as a joke about modern art. The possible origin of the sphere is a lid of "Puccho Gummy".