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   Ryo is the voice actress who played Nazrin in Onsen☆, and also participated in Kusso☆S5 and many obscure voice dramas. She is not the same person as Ryo (The Strawberry Knight).


RYO drawn by RYO (im7808314)

In Voice Drama

   Her role in Onsen☆ is a parody of Nyon's role in Choco Heart☆, Ryo's character also appears as a shopkeeper in the voice drama. It can be seen in the background that she also sells Reu Daikon. Although they share the same character, Ryo's voice acting is different from Nyon's.

Online Activities

   After playing in Onsen☆, she started posting artwork on NicoSeiga, the first drawing was with Yuba and herself as Nazrin with a red scarf. That's why her avatar was changed from its original appearance in the voice drama. She often deletes her accounts, so it's hard to keep track of her activities.

In Derived Creations

   She usually appears as Nazrin with a red scarf. It's rare to see Ryo in otoMADs and BB theaters. In artworks, she is often shown with Zerukalo and other characters from Onsen☆.

Other Netas

Sex distribution

   The incident happened during the live translation of the New Year 2018. It was broadcast from a hotel, a man's voice was heard from afar, then Ryo's speech suddenly stopped, and after a while, the eyewitnesses recognized her moaning from other sounds. However, the recording of this translation was not found, and Ryo could have been playing a porn video during the translation. Tadano Suika said that he saw this translation live, so many MAD creators were interested in finding it. There is the video by Jikomujun called "幻の配信記録を探しにいくCTV☆民", which parodies the people on CTV☆. Also, there was the lewd artwork (Warning: Quite NSFW) posted 2 days after the incident, which made people even more interested in it.