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"ぷはー (puha:) () 今日 (きょう) 今日 (kyou) (mo) イイ (ii) 天気 (てんき) 天気 (tenki) () . "

—— Reu remarking on the good weather. The very first line uttered in Cookie☆OG.

Reu is the voice actress who played Reimu Hakurei in Cookie☆OG. She is an avid cosplayer, and was Udzuki’s friend since high school. Her voice acting is as bad as Udzuki's, and this bouyomi left particularly remarkable impressions since she is the first character to speak . Due to the popularity brought by her critical role during Cookie☆'s birth and early days, she became a representative character of the subculture much like Udzuki, albeit in a different manner than her.

   After the voice drama was released, Reu and Udzuki had collaborated in NicoNico Live broadcasts and she blurted out Udzuki’s real-life name on one occasion. Outside of the voice drama, she enjoys the hobby of cosplaying (some of her cosplays accentuating her figure may have contributed to the derogatory “pig” nickname being given), works at an unspecified job, sells necklaces, does cosplays, plays with gel blasters, and has had incredibly unstable and controversial relationships with various boyfriends over the years.

   Reu remains active despite the rumour damage caused Cookie☆ throughout the years. She even went as far as being in contact with former Cookie☆ contributor ALISON and buying at his booth. She has also been able to stay closely involved with Cookie☆.

In the Voice Drama

   Reu plays Reimu Hakurei, a supporting role that only shows up in the first and last segments of the voice drama despite seeming like the main role(this is due to most watchers cannot make it beyond the first segment). Despite being the general protagonist of Touhou, the organiser’s heavy bias towards the MariAli ship led to Reimu ending up as a supporting character who merely sat and watched the homoerotic subtext between his favourite ship. She says the very first line of the first voice drama of Cookie☆.

   The story began with her drinking tea at the Hakurei Shrine. Then, Marisa and Alice came over to visit and the latter offered some brownies. Reimu prepared tea for her visitors in return. After  Marisa left, she spent some time with Alice and the appearing Suika.

   After the story swaps to Marisa’s point of view, Reimu did not appear for most of the voice drama’s runtime. When Marisa reunited with  Alice  at the human village, Reimu and Suika were sleeping after drinking sake. She finally appeared in the last scene before the credits and was seen sobbing (the script lines have no indication of her crying) as she watched Marisa giving Alice her broken Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

   One of her very first scenes from the voice drama, known as the Puha-RIM, can be considered the icon of Cookie☆ and is used in many ways in the subculture; so much so that even people who don’t know about Cookie☆ might have seen it. Reimu’s TDN name, “RIM”, usually refers to Reu in Cookie☆ and, before the introduction of Kanna in Cookie, Reu would be called RIM. This is why “Puha-RIM” is called by its name instead of “Puha-RU”.

Notable Lines

  • 今日 (きょう) 今日 (kyou) (mo) いい (ii) ペンキ (penki) () - A mishearing of the "Good weather today☆" line, due to the odd way Reu delivered it. This is very well known because it is the very first line.
  • クォラ (kora) () - Angrily uttered as an interjection when Marisa and Alice made fun of Reimu for taking too much breaks. This line is popular as a sample in BB theatres and otoMADs.
  • ○○ () (no) パワー (pawa:) (wa) すごい (sugoi) (wa) (ne) - An altered version of the voice line ' (こい) (koi) する (suru) 乙女 (おとめ) 乙女 (otome) (no) パワー (pawa:) 凄い (すごい) 凄い (sugoi) (wa) (ne) ' said after Marisa's departure to get chocolates. Used for admiration, praise etc. by applying the fitting word in the blanks.
  • アリス (arisu) ガ (ga) タベタ (tabeta) コト (koto) ナカッタラ (nakattara) ダレモ (daremo) タベタ (tabeta) コト (koto) ナイン (nain) ジャ (ja) ナイ (nai) - Line pointing out that Marisa did not give any chocolates. The incredibly fast and slurred delivery of the line made it an exemplary instance of bouyomi speech, and it sees usage as a sample source.
  • ○○ (○○) (ちゅう) (chū) (yo) - Derived from the line, 'I'm taking a break'(often misheard in Japanese as 'I'm in a sphere'). The blank gets filled with whatever it should signal.
  • (o) () () (ki) (ta) みたい (mitai) (ne) - Said when Marisa and Alice showed up at the shrine. It's used when a new thread starts or when a planned one will be posted.
  • もやぁ (moya) () /ぽやぁ (poya) () - Mishearings of the 'Oya?' line.
  • 幻想郷 (げんそうきょう) 幻想郷 (gensoukyou) キタ (kita) キタ (kita) (さい) (sai) - A term for the repetition of the word  'came' ( () (ki) (ta) ) , from the voice line, (o) () () (ki) (ta) みたい (mitai) (ne) The repetition of that specific word is a common sample utilised in otoMADs, a parody of the 'Shimokitazawa Kitakita Festival' sample for the Inmu character Tanioka.
  • バルサン (barusen) () - Mishearing for the name "Marisa".

Real Life Activities

   Before starring in the voice drama, Reu was to be a live-broadcaster both on NicoNico and on Coser. She had been a friend of Udzuki ever since high school and signed up for the voice drama on the latter’s suggestion and invitation. She failed to show up during recording sessions, which nearly caused her to be replaced by Nadeko as the role of Reimu, but she did arrive at the last minute to deliver her voice lines.

   She has been active since the early days of the Cookie☆ controversy but was not considered the main topic. She became quite popular on Niconico, much more so than on Hon-thread. People suspected her of being a lunatic at that time, so it became surprising that she turned out to be able to clearly answer the questions. Since she did not disappear after the controversy and remained active, she was treated as a Cookie☆-thread idol until about 2011. Thereafter, more and more people started to see her as lunatic and her reputation degraded so much that she was being called a pig. The threads mention her as a voice actress they hate. After the original Cookie☆ Controversy, she appears to had attempted at various points to earn the popularity and admiration of the Inmufags, quoting several famous lines during her livestreams. However, she failed and was criticised harshly by the Inmufags.

   It is rare for a voice actress to be hated in the Hon-thread for as long as she has, although Taisa and  [Yamin](  faced almost similar levels. She natural received all sorts of bashing, harassment and even death threats. However, there are not many signs that she succumbed to them She became thus seen as a mentally strong, indestructible piece of garbage.

    During one of her livestreams with Udzuki on November 20, 2010, she said to her partner: “I neither like you nor hate you”, which became a big subject of conversation even outside of the Cookie☆ threads. The idea that Reu was one-sidedly bad trended. After this incident, the two nevertheless continued to broadcast irregularly and they had the last broadcast (February 5, 2011, part1 and part2) when Udzuki finally retired. After her disappearance, Reu stated on a few occasions that the they still hang out together and keep in contact. Reu also mentioned that Udzuki has gotten a job. However, there are theories claiming that Reu is lying about her contact with  Udzuki  in order to distract people from her controversies, since this revelation was at around the same time she went under fire for the callous treatment of her former boyfriend.

   Reu is not popular as a singer. She doesn’t have many character songs, and none of the songs she sang are really taken seriously.

In Derivative Works

Derivative Character

   As a main character in the first scene of the original voice drama, Reu has a lot of appearances in all kinds of videos. As compared to other popular characters playing main roles, Reu can serve both main and side roles, making her one of the most versatile Cookie☆ characters. Such versatility led to her having various different personalities in different BB theatres. Her character can be a tsundere straight-man (the most common portrayal), a dangerous and lascivious lunatic, an idiotic buffoon, a piglike glutton, an unwilling victim of Hinase’s murder, a normal schoolgirl stumbling upon terrifying supernatural activities, a lawyer with a sense of justice, a woman who cares deeply for her friends and family despite not showing it, and many more.

   Reu is usually grouped with either her co-stars from the beginning scene of Cookie☆ OG—UdzukiYamin, and Hinase. She also often the second daughter of the group known as the RIM family alongside other Cookie☆ RIM roles—Benikurage(third daughter), Kanna(mother), Sananana(eldest daughter), and the non-RIM character Yamin(youngest daughter). Yajuu Senpai from Inmu is sometimes included as the son(age between Sananana and Reu), and Yajuu Dad, the Inmu character often thought to be his father, is thereby included as the father of the family. She also is shown associated with and taking care of the Sakenomi—her derivative character—as a pet.

   Her most notable choice of romantic relationship is with Udzuki, with whom she forms the ship RUDK. It is popular as a yuri coupling in MADs and artworks. The two have a strong affinity for each other as, in real life, they worked together on the voice drama, are good friends, and even have had live broadcasts together. The relationship is usually portrayed as a tsundere, where Udzuki  actively shows affection towards Reu who has a “I neither like you nor hate you” attitude. Reu later said “I think of you as my best friend” as well, so they are also portrayed as two people who get along very well with each other. In BB theatres, Reu and Udzuki are depicted as either lovers, close friends, or self-serving jerks who would ditch the other for personal gain. Usually,  Hinase  ends up as a major intervener of the two, trying to murder both of them, especially after the advent of the “Crazy Psycho Lesbian” depiction.

Puha-RIM is one of the most frequently used sound samples for otoMADs. It is also utilized heavily in BB theatres and as a template and is featured on these videos thumbnail. Many other voice dramas refer to this infamous scene and line. It's a tradition for Puha-RIM to be a thumbnail or general identifying mark in Heartwarming Shrine arrangements, since the original Puha-RIM scene had the original Heartwarming Shrine song playing as background music.

The "I'm so Cookie☆" boom that made Cookie☆ otoMADs known to the world started with "Reimu so Cookie☆", uploaded by the MAD creator Hito☆gomi on October 30, 2010, with her being the main focus in this MAD. For a while, this was the most watched Cookie☆ MAD in general.


   Because of her real-life body shape and personality, Reu is often depicted as an erotic character with a plump body, often exaggerated to absurd levels, and she appears in many lewd art pieces. There is also a trend of depicting her in school swimsuits, where Reu is called コスプ (kosupu) RU () or スク (suku) (すい) (sui) RU () . This trend originates from a real-life cosplay picture where she dresses as the Vocaloid character Kagamine Len, specifically the swimsuit design from the video Kagamine Len’s Runaway. Artists have combined both the swimsuit of the cosplay outfit and the outfit of her Reimu persona when portraying her in art. Her general design takes from (かぜ) (kaze) (あきら) (akira) (na) づき (dzuki) ’s drawings of Reimu from the voice drama, with sharp pointed eyes with red pupils, light brown hair, a plain hair-bow, and exposed shoulders.  

In addition to her character, the image of Puha-RIM is often used in collages, especially in the early days of Cookie☆ Seiga where she was often the main subject.

Other Netas


ぷは (puha) ーRIM ()

Name for the pose taken by Reu after sipping from a teacup during the first scene of Cookie☆OG. Became incredibly popular and representative of Reu, and of Cookie☆ as a whole. Used heavily in otoMADs, as photo-editing material, and as a popular BB material. The "Puha" sample is also used in otoMADs. For some reason, she's depicted as being angry a lot which gets integrated to her character.

Symmetry Reimu

シンメトリー (shinmetorī) RIM ()

Image of Puha-RIM with a symmetry image filter applied to it. Based off the similar Inmu meme, シンメトリー (shinmetorī) DB () . Symmetry RIM features heavily in otoMADs made during Cookie☆'s beginning. In fact, the article on Symmetry-RIM in the Niconico Encyclopedia was created before the one in the Japanese Cookie☆ Wiki. However, Symmetry RIM has lost its popularity and barely, if ever, shows up anymore.

slightly-open eyes

(うす) (usu) () (me)

Puha-RIM's eyes may look like they are (very) slightly open so they were often times emphasized.

"Girls are now glans penising..."

少女 (しょうじょ) 少女 (shoujou) 亀頭 (きとう) 亀頭 (kitou) (ちゅう) (chū) ()

This is a collage of photo edits to make it look like Puha-RIM is giving a blow-job. Popularized by the scenes in the middle of "Reimu so Cookie☆". It's a reference to the "Girls are now praying..." text seen on the loading screens of the Touhou Project games.

Reu edited into a sphere

球体 (きゅうたい) 球体 (kyuutai) (ni) 編集 (へんしゅう) 編集 (henshou) した (shita) RU () 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki)

Edits of Reu with a spherical image filter applied. It was often used in otoMADs and the like, and was first seen in Undistorted Cookie☆, posted by Teion-ka in November 25, 2010.

Day when the Shrine Rotates

神社 (じんじゃ) 神社 (jinja) 回転 (かいてん) 回転 (kaiten) (no) () (hi)

Description of a scene where Reu spins at high speed in Flower☆ (9/11/2011). Due to its influence, Cookie☆ otoMADs of the FLOWER song have similar scenes where a character rotates at high speed.


"I don't hate her but I don't like her either"

(きら) (kira) (i) じゃ (ja) ない (nai) けど (kedo) () (su) (ki) じゃ (ja) ない (nai) (yo)

A line not coming from any voice drama. As stated before, Reu said this line when referring to Udzuki in one of her livestreams. In addition to being used as a standardized sentence when talking about something, it can also be altered to a similar expression that is a bit stronger such as "I don't hate it, I love it" or "I don't like it, I hate it", and et cetera. When she went out with Udzuki for drinks, Reu told Udzuki that this phrase was being talked about, but now Reu doesn't seem to care anymore about this. It has been used as a thread title on 5chan for a long time, in total more than 200 threads.


Fat woman

デブ (debu)

The act of treating Reu as a fatty. From that, she's sometimes treated as a pig. She is often called fat because she wears cosplays that emphasize her figure, such as school swimsuits and knee socks. Especially in Hon-thread, "pig" was often used as a derogatory term for Reu. This is not often used as a pronoun like with クソデブ (kusodebu) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) or こちこ (kochiko) , but she is often depicted as a plump figure in still images.


Reu shown as a literal pig. The term "pig" was originally meant as a derogatory term, but BU has a surprisingly good reputation for being cute. Originates from, made by ただ (tada) (no) すいか (suika) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) .

The pig is borrowing the celebrant's robe

行司 (ぎょうじ) 行司 (kyoujo) (no) (ころも) (koromo) (wo) () (ka) (ru) (ぶた) (buta)

Comment for depictions of Reu with an exposed belly button, as often seen on Seiga, etc. The term "bellybutton RIM" is usually used to refer to Noel, so she is sometimes referred to as such in reference to the Japanese proverb, "the fox that borrows the authority of the tiger".

Longhorn Beetle

Family of beetles known for their large antennae. Occasionally associated with Reu due to revealing in a Nico Live stream that at one point, she placed a longhorn beetle in her mouth and toyed with it.

High pressure girl who never gets cloudy

(くも) (kumo) (ru) こと (koto) (wo) () (shi) (ra) ない (nai) 高気圧 (こうかつ) 高気圧 (koukatsu) ガール (ga:ru)

An adaptation of a message board post about the Inmu character, Dragon Tanaka: "He's a seed-pot bastard who doesn't know how to refuse". First appearance is unknown. The term "high pressure girl" is thought to have been taken from the name of a song by 山下達 郎(Tatsuro Yamashita)

Iron Array-aniki

(てつ) (tetsu) アレイ (arei) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki)

The alias of the man who was the former fiancé of Reu. He had proposed to Reu and she had agreed. However, he became mentally ill due to Reu cheating on him, and attempted suicide by jumping off a building. Although he survived, he suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed.


ギャッツビー (gyatsbi:)

Hairdressing products for men, available in Japan. When Reu showed up on the Hon-thread on March 3, 2020, she mentioned her first sexual experience was at the age of 16, and involved her being raped in a karaoke box. Particularly, people in the thread gravitated towards her statement that the man ejaculated on her body and wiped it with a Gatsby product, and thus Reu occasionally gets associated with Gatsby.