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"面白そうじゃねえか ({{{2}}}) " —— Quote from Cookie☆☆/S3

Rei is the voice actress most known for her role as Kirisame Marisa in Cookie☆☆/S3 (24/12/2013), with minor or barely-known roles in other obscure voice dramas, including an earlier appearance as Onozuka Komachi in Maki's Halloween☆ (October 31, 2013). At first, she did not receive any attention for her role in Halloween☆, but after the release of Cookie☆☆/S3, her character songs were unearthed and she rose to fame.

She has a husky, boyish voice, similar to Azusa's voice in Cookie☆☆/S2, and her acting is not bad, but she is inferior in terms of technique, her range of acting is limited, and her singing is not good. However, her character songs are very popular because of the feeling that she is trying her best to sing despite her ineptitude. Her bad singing became symbolic for her, because of its cuteness as if they were sung by a preschooler or your own daughter, and attracted attention due to the contrast between her acting and her cool boyish voice.

Within MAD movies, she is characterized as not being as brave as she is in the voice drama, and is treated as a childish sisterly character to the rest of the Udzuki Sisters, or even an explicitly male little brother character due to the boyishness of her voice, usually paired up with her Cookie☆☆/S3 co-star Sananana.


In Voice Drama

Her only notable and major role is Kirisame Marisa in Cookie☆☆/S3. Here, she is one of the main characters, and is the oblivious crush for a few other Gensokyo residents. At the story's start she came to the Hakurei Shrine with Alice. They were about to start a dinner party, but Yuyuko intervened and stole their meat. Then, she heard from Youmu that a strong thief was causing damage, and became curious. She went with Youmu and the others to find the thief. During the search, she remembered that Patchouli had called her and was about to leave, but then she found out that the thief was herself and was attacked by Youmu. In the end, she managed to escape from Youmu and spent Christmas with Reimu and the others.

Her other roles are Onozuka Komachi in Halloween☆ and Fujiwara no Mokou in China☆, however these roles are too obscure to really note.

Online and Real Life Activities

Rei studied and graduated from different high schools, and does not seem to have any friends in real life, even insulting her seniors in the art department in some of her tweets, but she does have a good relationship with Taisa since the voice drama's beginning stages, being one of the few voice actresses who kept in touch with Taisa even after rumor damage and Taisa's account deletion. She has AB blood type, is addicted to various LINE games, and isn't confident about her appearance, worrying very much about her weight.

She was actively involved with Cookie☆ early on, and her opinion of Cookie☆ was not bad, but she disappeared from the Internet after being harassed by one person who leaked her past tweets to the account of someone Rei knew personally. Before that, she posted heavily about her own life and surroundings on her Twitter account, unfortunately leading to people finding out her address and Skype account from locating specific buildings, roads, and shops seen in her tweets. After her disappearance from the Internet, she revived twice, once in 2015 and once in 2020, but both times she immediately deleted her revival account and disappeared again after people identified her.

Her Koe Club account featured many examples of her bad, yet incredibly endearing singing ability, the most famous of which is her cover of the IdolM@ster song, 乙女よ大志を抱け ({{{2}}}) !!. This specific song was reprinted so much, Rei actually commented on its popularity, electing to leave it alone so as to not make things bigger. She also favorited several masochism-oriented voice clips, made some masochist-oriented voice clips of her own that insulted the listener and once posted a bizarre audio clip where she read a script about a fan perusing an idol's used napkin.

In Derived Works

Derivative Character

A relatively well-liked and developed character in derivative works, Rei is commonly depicted as the youngest sister (or brother) of the Udzuki Sisters, and the weakest amongst the four siblings due to Rei's inability to fly with a broom or use the Master Spark. The other sisters either love and cherish Rei, coddling and protecting Rei and shielding them from danger or bullies, or are indifferent to Rei, or even hostile to or uncaring for Rei. Rei's opinion of their sisters varies, but generally the portrayal is that Rei likes their sisters very much. Befitting someone who is the youngest sibling, Rei is often treated as a childlike character in Cookie☆ who hangs out with other childish characters like Yamin and Nadeko, but Rei is often more mischievous or brattier than their friends, or even perverted at times.

The most popular pairing for Rei is Rei's relationship with Sananana, oftentimes depicted as an unwilling relationship with the desperate and past-her-prime Sananana forcing herself onto an unwilling Rei, although it is also common to depict the two of them as simply friends or co-workers, having an actual mutual and respectful relationship, or having Rei turn the tables onto Sananana for once. Another common pairing for Rei is with another Cookie☆☆/S3 voice actress, Sakuranbou, depicting the contrast between the muscular and strong Sakuranbou and the small and weedy Rei. Here, Sakuranbou is once again depicted as forcing herself onto Rei, though this is rarer, and usually they actively like each other.

Rei commonly has sheeplike aspects like wool and horns, or is seen interacting with or becoming the Rei-Sheep. Owing to the popularity of Rei's character songs, she is also commonly depicted with a microphone and singing her heart out at any time, regardless of her tone-deaf singing ability.


Kaoru-styled Suzunaan Marisa Kirisame MMD Model - used for Rei

Rei is popularly portrayed as a young boy who appears to be or presents as female, though portrayals of Rei as an actual female are also common, and it all depends on the author. Rei appears in both two-dimensional drawing form (as drawn by the artist for the icons for the Cookie☆☆/S3 cast before the MMD adaptation, きんぎん ({{{2}}}) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) ) and three-dimensional MMD model form, both drawing from the same general Kirisame Marisa design from the Forbidden Scrollery manga series. This design's main distinguishing figure is that the uniform is predominantly black and lacks the apron common to other Kirisame Marisa designs, also featuring a purple underbrim on her hat, and purple hair and hat bows, though sometimes Rei wears the apron too. Rei also is occasionally depicted with the attributes of a sheep, with horns, hooves, and a tendency to bleat like a sheep, or as an actual sheep herself.

Very rarely, due to her role in Halloween☆, Rei will adopt traits and abilities of Onozuka Komachi, wielding a scythe and trying her best to do the job of a psychopomp. In this specific case, she is paired with another fellow Onozuka Komachi-type character, Shisou.

The MMD model that Rei uses in the voice drama and in BB theaters is Kaoru's Suzunaan-styled Kirisame Marisa model. Kaoru themselves have stated that they dislike Cookie☆, however that did not stop Homos from utilizing this Marisa model to represent Rei in derivative works.

Other Netas

おうた ({{{2}}})

An affectionate moniker for Rei which came about due to her tone-deaf yet charming and powerful singing style, which is said to awaken paternal instincts within Homos because of her childishness. Classic examples of singing that befits this description include the aforementioned 乙女よ大志を抱け ({{{2}}}) !! cover and her cover of Yuki 100% by Japanese boyband Hikaru Genji.

ホモの愛娘 ({{{2}}})

Another affectionate nickname that came about because her singing is said to bring out fatherly instinct within Homos that listen to her voice.

RI (Rei) くん ({{{2}}})

Nickname coined by Rei's fans. Came about both from Rei's voice sounding close to a young boy and adopting the habits of fans of Yuno from Cookie☆☆/S2 who call her YN (Yuno) くん ({{{2}}}) くん ({{{3}}}) . This nickname is a common tag for works involving Rei, since a heavy amount of illustrations and videos depict Rei as male.

ナプキンイーター ({{{2}}})

A characteristic of Rei where she is depicted as a napkin-eating pervert. Originates from audio clips on her Koe Club account where she read a script about an idol giving a fan one of her used sanitary napkins. The nickname ナプキンイーター ({{{2}}}) was coined from these audio clips.

({{{2}}}) RI (Rei) くん ({{{2}}})


A derivative character of Rei, a curious looking animal with the head of Rei and the body of a sheep, sometimes with horns. This character is either a separate entity from Rei or an alternative form for Rei, or Rei herself is seen with sheeplike qualities. Sheep Rei is seen mostly in passive or minor roles within derivative works, starring mainly in more heartwarming fare. This character is inspired by and derived mainly from audio material taken from the Koe Club where Rei utters variations of "Meeeh~", which sounds like the bleating of a sheep. These voice clips often serve as Rei-Sheep's only way to communicate.

This character first appears in a 4Koma (28/08/2015) by contributor Delta, famous for creating figures of Inmu and Cookie☆ characters out of wool felt. One of the most popular videos showcasing Rei-Sheep is "居場所を求めて旅する ({{{2}}}) RI (Rei) " (2015/10/10) by the well-known contributor 自己矛盾 ({{{2}}}) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) , featuring a story involving the aforementioned wool figures and Rei interacting with Rei-Sheep who wishes to escape so she could sing and be free from having to provide her wool for the figures.

ちんぽ ({{{2}}})

Rei is known for being treated as a "trap"-type character who grows a phallic penis, the result of people wildly interpreting her husky and boyish voice. Within the Rei-centric threads, and when paired with Sananana, Rei's gender is treated as almost exclusively male, and people refer to Rei as RI (Rei) くん ({{{2}}}) instead of RI (Rei) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) . Due to the influence of the Sananana Dolphin-Threads, the Sananana pairing also usually casts Rei in the position of the hapless "shota" who Sananana forces herself upon. Being a boy is now a symbol of Rei, but it was rarely seen when the voice actress was active, and it became widespread over time after her disappearance.

マスパが撃てない ({{{2}}})

Unlike other Marisa roles, Rei does not utilize the signature Master Spark in her voice drama, nor does she have any audio material of her saying "Master Spark". Lack of appropriate voice lines for the "Master Spark" for a Marisa role is not exclusive to Rei, but since Rei's the only character out of the Udzuki Sisters to have no such voice line, she's characterized as being inferior or weaker than her sisters for not being able to fire the "Master Spark".

ほうきで空が飛べない ({{{2}}})

As Rei has no scene where she flies in the original voice drama, in illustrations and videos Rei is depicted as being unable to fly unlike her sisters who travel in the air by broom. Rei ends up just traveling by foot while following her sisters. Being both unable to fly and unable to fire the Master Spark, Rei is typically the weakest or frailest sister among the Udzuki sisters, and needs protection from her older sisters.

うんこ喰われるやつ ({{{2}}})

A nickname originating from an incredibly bizarre series of live-action videos by まみりんこ ({{{2}}}) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) involving unfortunately-shaped foodstuffs being deposited from paper cutouts of Rei then eaten. Due to the extreme and intense content of this video series, when Rei appears in BB Theaters that do not have anything to do with these live-action videos, she will occasionally get called this nickname or variations thereof.

電気羊 ({{{2}}})

A V-Tuber based off Rei who debuted on June 5, 2021, created by 安祥 ({{{2}}}) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) . This V-Tuber, featuring an avatar who's basically just Rei, uses artificial intelligence trained on Rei's voice clips, so the voice is processed to sound almost exactly like Rei's voice. Their channel can be found here.