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"淫夢は (inmu wa) やっぱり (yappari) 面白いなぁ (omoshiroi nā) "—— the line from Kuso Inu☆

   Raimu is the voice actress who played Himekaidou Hatate in Kuso Inu☆ (May 19, 2012) and Kirisame Marisa in Gorgonzola☆ (June 6, 2018). She also known as Tento Yurina and Hatatan.


The scene from Kuso Inu☆ (im1749838)

In Voice Drama

   Because of her Hatate role people call her Hatatan (HTTN). In the Touhou community "Hatatan" refers to sick Hatate in general, but in Cookie☆ it usually refers to Raimu. In this drama, there was a scene where she watched the video of Hide and Abusive Uncle (WARNING: links are NSFW) from Inmu, which made this voice drama lost reputation in the Touhou community. In general, people liked how she played a character with mental illness.

   After 6 years of disappearance, she came back with the role of Marisa in Gorgonzola☆ under the name "Tento Yurina". People didn't recognize her and were shocked when they found out that Tento Yurina and Raimu are the same person. Shiriri, the planner of Gorgonzola☆, didn't know either. However, the desperate expression on Marisa's face in the voice drama reminded people of Raimu.

Online Activities

   She knew Paseri before Cookie☆ existed, and they often sang together. They had a two-person show called "せろりー (serori) !". Ironically, Sanae is one of Bakaudon's favorite characters and was also mentally broken in Religion☆.

   Raimu was quite a popular singer in the Cookie☆ community. Al-Hata (Hatatan's album), the compilation of Raimu's character songs was quite popular in streaming community threads.

   In 2018 Tento Yurina admitted that she participated in Kuso Inu☆ under the name "Raimu". In September 2019, she tweeted that she was surprised how many "Touhou fans" watched videos with her during the time when voice acting was just a hobby for her.

   In February 2020, she tweeted about her wedding anniversary, which revealed that Raimu is married. In the same year, on November 22, she gave birth to a daughter. This means that she most likely got pregnant in the 10th anniversary of Cookie☆.

In Derived Creations

   Both of her characters are rare in otoMADs, but Hatatan sometimes appears in BB theaters and artworks. Her Marisa сharacter has been overshadowed by other Gorgonzola☆ characters, so she appears less often than others.

   Because of her appearance in the voice drama, Hatatan is often shown in a state of self-harm, drug use, and mental breakdown. She is also often shown in an abusive relationship with Shukoren.