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Voice actor who portrayed Nazurin and Patchouli in Kusso☆S3 (August 15, 2015).

She also participates as an artist, and draws pictures such as the 矢印君(Yajirushi-kun/Arrow-kun: In the first Cookie☆, Alice says, "Today we brought a present for you, Reimu!" scene.

The name "NYN" refers to Nyon who played Nazrin. When referring to her as Patchouli, she is referred to as PCLNYN, but this is not widely used.

She is popular and highly regarded for her unique performance full of a sense of powerlessness. She has said that Nazrin is her favorite character, so she wanted to be cast in this role specifically.

She was not active in the Koebu Club for a while, but resumed her activities after appearing in Kusso☆S3.

After the suspension(?), there was an incident where her personal information was leaked.

According to Atouda, when Nyon joined the project as a painter, Nyon suggested that she could also do voice acting, and just when he was having trouble contacting voice actors, she helped Atouda.

She disappeared on June 28, 2016.

On July 4, 2020, Atouda revealed that Nyon's LINE stamp sales account 女子による女子の ためのスタンプ - LINE スタンプ | LINE STORE was up and running, from which her Twitter and YouTube account under the name "Suzukiri Iro" were also discovered.

The number of subscribers to the channel when it was first discovered was only two, but it quickly grew to over 100.

Most of the original videos had been deleted, and reprinted videos were uploaded by third parties.

In response, Nyon demanded that Cookie☆'s Topic not be brought into the Suzukiri-Iro’s account, and that all reprinted videos from the current account be removed by the end of July.

NYN 姉貴描いてみた (As a result, the reprinted videos were deleted.)

Initially, she stated that she would retire if her demands were not accepted, but in the end she did not retire at that time.

On August 1 of the same year, she also started her Vtuber activities.

Incidentally, Nyon's participation as an artist is often misunderstood but the illustration of Nazrin, which is often used as Nyon's avatar in MAD, was not drawn by Nyon herself but Mogura-san/General NYN illustrator もぐらさん Tekateka Kimuchi/Egg’s illustrator テカテカキムチ and 浅真 Asama マ イルドカッ↑フェ↓オレ.



After disappearing for a very long time (since June 28, 2016.) on July 4, 2020 her Twitter was found and her new YouTube account named "Suzukiri Iro" was revealed. It originally had only 2 subscribers, but quickly grew to over 100 subscribers, many of the original videos were deleted after, but reuploads were posted by someone (but they have now been deleted due to Nyon's demands)

Her response to all of this happening was that she did not want her past brought to her, and that all reuploads be removed by the end of July. Originally, she said that she would retire if her demands were not accepted, but she did not retire after.

On August 1, 2020 she started her Vtuber activities, while still uploading videos to YouTube she has moved her VTuber activities to Topia, an VTuber app where she was receiving money.

On February 3, 2021 she announced that she would stop her YouTube activities due to it being too hard to reach the monetization requirements, In the same month she also abandoned her Topia and Pixiv Fanbox, while still keeping her Twitter account.

Role in the Voice Drama

Appears as a clerk at a candy store Alice visits. She sells Alice the only two pieces of chocolate she has left.

About Niconico

She often appears as an unmotivated character with a single "no" to everything. She often runs the store from the voice drama.

In the shadow of the HSI boom from around 2016, ヤ ニ カ ス ☆ (Yanikasu☆) and ムシカス☆ Mushikasu☆「ムシカス☆」 工具さんの公開マイリス ト were popularised. She was also made into otoMADs by her used her "Welcome" line, other BB materials and small works, steadily building up her power. She was often involved with 真面目くん(Majime-kun) and チョコモナカジャンボ (Choco Monaca Jumbo/See below for details) who were also in the midst of an unprecedented boom. Then, with the hit of "ICG Sisters EX" (February 28, 2016), Ichigo's status rose, and she became more and more involved as a pair with Nyon. Now that she has a clear and easy to match partner, stories can be developed with their involvement, and the two of them together get more appearances. In addition, while the Kusso☆S3’s characters were generally characterized as peculiar characters, they were treated as common sense people and victims. In the midst of the boom's transition, Flour and Milk were also featured, and ranking videos disguised as BB material also attracted attention

About Hon-thread

Regarding the accident where Ruka showed her own face in a live broadcast on June 27, 2016, Nyon's post on Twitter is perceived as a ridicule of Ruka.

Shortly after that incident, on June 28, 2016, Nyon's Twitter, pixiv, and Koebu accounts were all shut down at once but the direct cause of the shutdown is unknown, as Nyon has not said why.

Later, there was a commotion in which personal information was leaked through the Twitter account of Nyon's boyfriend.

After she was rediscovered, she was frowned upon and treated as a menace because she repeatedly said she would retire and never did.

Main Neta's

ないです。(Nai-desu./I don't have it.) A line from Kussho☆☆☆. Originally one of the remarks made by Yajyu Senpai, famous for his appearance in " Chapter 4 of INM".On the contrary, this is also a modified version of Yajyu's words, “ありますねぇ!(Arimasune!/Yes, there is!)” exists.

好きなの(Sukinano/I like it/you). From the Koebu(Voice Club) material "でも好きなの(Demo-Sukinano/But I like you)" and "あなたが好きなの/Anata ga sukinano)I like you".

んぬえ(Nnue) The bolded part of "I also like Nazurin, Kogasa, Nue, etc. I like them all". It stands out because it's said in a strange way. It is used as a standard sentence in the form of "Nnue Suki", and it has become a common practice to comment like this when the corresponding voice is played.

チョコモナカジャンボ(Choco monaca jambo) It is an ice cream sold by Morinaga, made of ice cream and chocolate sandwiched in a monaka (a skin made of rice cake). あっ チョコモナカジャンボだ!(Oh, it's a chocolate monaka jumbo!) , the audio material in the cass, is established and treated as a NYN favorite.

NYN 蜂、NYN 卵(NYN Bee, NYN Egg) Both of these characters are divided from MAD and BB material on niconico. NYN bee is bee’s head turned into a NYN’s head, NYN Egg is a chicken egg with NYN’s face and limbs(author:UMUZ).Later on Mogura-san who participated in Choco☆ as illustrator,posted illustrations of these derivated characters.

猿兄貴、うき猿 The comments at the beginning of this video(https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30174870) 「なんでコンビになってるのか分からないけどこのコンビうき(I don’t know why they’re a duo,but I like this duo.)」 Uki is a typo for suki(like), but It was teased that it sounded like a monkey’s cry(“Uki is one of the onomatopoeias of monkey sounds in japan), and for some reason, this typo was pushed in many of NYN’s video.

あたまわるわる~(Atama-Waruwaru/You’re dumb.) One of NYN’s saying. It is often used as an incentive. It became famous after it was used in this video.( https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31519967)

あたまわるわる音頭(Atama-Waruwaru-Ondo/Atamawaruwaru dance) The video of NYN dancing to the music of shrine arrangement while singing “Atamawaruwaru”.(https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31838640/https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31874628). The music was so impressive that within a few days a large number of derivative videos were made, including the creation of arranged music and having different characters dance to it, As it was originally CB material, causing a boom.

あのね、あのね、クロスボーンはアニメ化しないよ絶対。クロスボーンより閃光のハサウェ イアニメ化はよ(You know what, you know what, Crossbone Gundam will never be animated. I’d rather animate Gundam Hathaway than Crossbones.) This is a record of what she said about Gundam. In fact, it became a hot topic when the anima adaptation of Gundam Hathaway was decided. In BB Theater, it is sometimes used as a dialogue for geek’s peculiar behavior of talking about topics they are not interested in with glee.

あちゃちゃお茶(AchachaOcha/Hot hot tea) Literally, it means that the tea is hot, but it is often said without meaning in BB theater.

ちゅかれたおちゅかれ(chukareta-ochukare/I'm tired. Good work.)

古池や 川に飛び込む 蝉の音 (The ancient pond // A frog leaps in the sound of water.) A statement in the broadcast. It is haiku by Matsuo Basho, one of the most famous haiku in Japan.

ねーなんでぇー(Hey, why?)

ちゃおっす (chaossu/Hi)

きったねぇ~なぁ~~ (It’s dirty)

いきてる⋯う、いきてる⋯う (I’m alive)

嫌いじゃないけど・・・まぁ普通ですね (I don't hate it, but it's... normal.) Modification of Reu’s Neta.

ファッ (Fa!!) Yajyu’s Neta. It is used when she surprised in BB theaters.

ありがとナス (Arigato-nasu/thank you eggplant) KBTIT’s Neta.

なんだこれはたまげたなぁ (I’m surprised) Statement that Rikkyo University coath said when Tadano appeared in a homosexual video.

DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY Van Darkholme’s Glossary.

おい引きこもり! (Hey,Hikikomori!) Syamu’s sister cursing.

偽 NYN (Fake NYN) A person who became famous by imitating the voice of Nyon. Avater was made by 大橋 (Ohasi)

卵(Egg) Nyon with a tall head painted by Tekateka Kimuchi. It was called Egg because they were in the same scene as Milk and Flour. In Cookie☆, Nyon is depicted as a different character.