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Noel is the voice actress who played Reimu in Kusso☆S1. She is not to be confused with another voice actress named "Kurimiya Noel(栗宮のえる)". Her most famous quote in the voice drama is "There's too much shit" (うんこの量が多すぎる). Noel began to become more popular as Kusso became more known. However, very little is revealed about the real life voice actress and she quickly disappeared after her only performance.


In the Voice Drama

In Kusso☆S1, Reimu summoned everyone and organised the enema Sumo match, kickstarting the entire plot. She appeared as a gadfly character who enjoyed watching the participants of the Sumo match suffering.

Netas from the voice drama:

"There's too much shit" (うんこの量が多すぎる)

Noel's most famous line from the voice drama, representative of the scat humour nature of the whole video.


Used in the voice drama, because of which a douche sometimes ends up as her symbol or weapon. She also sometimes puts stuff in Shinonome and other people's ass to give them various effects.

Real Life

Not much is known about the real life voice actress except that she's an artist by profession. She posted her voice recordings on Koebu once, but for some reason in that same day, she deleted the whole account. Her Twitter account was found/specified on the Cookie☆ General Thread Nr. 204 but no information could be retrieved due to it being a locked account. Since she wasn't that popular before, the account wasn't found before it was deleted around the latter half of 2015. She's one of the few voice actors who is not known about much.

In Derived Works

Noel's portrayal is influenced by her character in the voice drama, who is mischievous and tends not to participate in situations personally. She gets often paired with other scat-loving freaks like Hentai Kusodokata. Her popularity has risen especially since her appearance in OFFSide: DIYUSI, which also solidified her pairing with DIYUSI, or "NoeDiyu", as either lovers, mother-and-daughter, or partners. She is also grouped with other Reimus from the Kusso☆ series to form the Kusso RIM Family, in which she's usually ranked the second oldest sister.

More and more video makers depict her as a gentle onee-sama, but due to the scarce amount of voice materials, she still gets treated as a evil mastermind or psychopath character.

Other Netas

Noel eyes

Her big dusk-black eyeballs. It's scary.