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"抜くな (nuku na) シコるな (shikoru na) " —— the quote from his livestreams

   Mugi is the voice actor who played Hakurei Reimu in Spellcard☆. Although he is a man, he can do a female voice without a voice changer. Due to confusion over his gender, people call him MG姉貴兄貴 (mugi aneki aniki) as a reference to Tokiame from the game "XX Hunter".


In Voice Drama

   People liked Reimu's MMD model made by Sheep3D, which was used in the voice drama. However, on December 12, 2017, the author changed the terms of use of the model, forbidding the use of the model with the "Rei no Are" tag that includes Cookie☆, as well as drawing it in illustrations. This incident is known as the "Sheep Riot". While thinking about how to depict him without being banned, people came up with Reimu with purple hair after a trend of redrawing Reimu from the PC-98 era as Mugi. However, some people ignored the risk of being banned and used his original appearance. There was also a project of redrawing Spellcard☆ with original drawings, like in the voice drama SEX☆, but it was abandoned.

   The purple-haired Reimu reminded people of Senjougahara Hitagi from "Monogatari series". Mugi later imitated her voice in RTA☆☆ and on his VTuber channel. His Senjougahara character is also known as "便乗ヶ原ほもび (Binjougahara Homobi) " and "アナル洗浄ヶ原 (Anarusenjougahara) ".

   He also voiced Flour in Kusso☆S5, but his voice wasn't associated with her and Flour is still speechless in media.

Online Activities

   After appearing in Spellcard☆, he was sexually harassed on and answered these questions without hesitation. After Mugi revealed his gender, the amount of sexual harassment increased. He stopped answering after the "Sheep Riot".

   He says he learned to change his voice after years of training. It seems that he was in a community that teaches how to make a female voice. He did the live translation with Kinu where he revealed his natural voice and showed the process of voice changing. After that, for some reason, they started arguing with each other. Although Mugi said that he wanted to end the translation on a good note, the last thing he said was "Fuck you".

   On June 12, 2018, he announced a hiatus. However, the mentioned above translation happened during that time. Mugi was also affected by the "Freezing Festival", although his Twitter account wasn't frozen, most of his tweets were deleted.

   In June 2021 he made a VTuber debut, but didn't gain much popularity. His last Youtube activity was in October 2022.

In Derived Creations


   Mugi became quite popular in otoMADs after a video called "MG姉貴兄貴マン (mugi aneki aniki man) (reupload), a parody of "Devilman".

   People draw Mugi in various forms, including his original appearence, with purple hair, as sheep (a reference to Rei-Sheep and Sheep3D), and others.

   One of the most popular videos featuring Mugi is Jikomujun's video (Warning: NSFW) where Hotaruda is used as an onahole by him.