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"おお、おおちちち、ちつつ、つつつつ (Ō, ōchichichi, chitsutsu, tsutsutsutsu) " —— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Mochiya is the voice actress who played Hakurei Reimu in Gorgonzola☆, and also participated in many voice dramas. She is the artist who mainly draws Ichigo and Jigen, and also participated in Homogaki☆ as an artist.


In Voice Drama

   Her debut role was Kirisame Marisa in Re☆ (April 13, 2018), the voice drama parodying the Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling series.

   Mochiya's most famous role is Hakurei Reimu in Gorgonzola☆. She also appeared in this avatar in Green Tea's BB Theater (May 25, 2018) along with Geruchtoter.

   She also participated in Hapikuri☆ as a narrator.

Online Activities

   Before becoming a voice actress, Mochiya was known in the Cookie☆ community for her Ichigo and Jigen pairing artwork, which she still posts.

   Around July 2018 she became a victim of the "Freezing Festival" - her Twitter account was deleted along with her artworks. After that, she was active on another account, but deleted it after people on Hon-Thread doxxed Creaf and said, that Mochiya is their next target (March 2020). She then returned to another account and now she actively collaborates with Maki.

Other Netas

Mochiya Face

MCY face

   Mochiya's facial expression that many people liked.



   Mochiya's robot that appears at the end of Gorgonzola☆, serving the original Mochiya.