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Meguru is the voice actress who played the fourth Marisa Kirisame, in the fourth voice drama made by Atouda, Touhou Christmas 2015! Voice Drama Project (Kussokuri☆ or Kusso☆S4) She appears paired with Yuuhi in the voice drama, so the both of them are called the Marisa Twins, and her design may be inspired by Azusa from Cookie☆☆ S2 . She is noted for her husky, boyish voice and above-average singing skills, which was sampled and used for a popular synthetic voicebank. However, her speech is slurred, leading to the line "そうだぜ (Soudaze) そうだぜ (That's right) " from her appearances being sometimes read as "そうらぜ (Sou-ra-ze) ". Meguru's design and voicebank, used in many famous otoMADs, make her a beloved character in the Cookie☆ fanbase.


In the Voice Drama

Meguru plays the role of one of many Marisa Kirisames in the Kussokuri☆ voice drama, and shows up alongside Yuuhi to replace the previous Marisa, Akane. Like Yuuhi, she incites the ire of Shiromiya by calling her old, plays with the KogaNeko cat, and defeats Iseamoa by shooting a Master Spark paired with Yuuhi into his buttocks. At the end, after delivering every present with Shiromiya, she left with Yuuhi to sing karaoke.

Real Life

At the time of her debut in the voice drama, Atouda didn't inform her of the danger of appearing in a Cookie☆ voice drama, so it seemed as if she overlooked the precautions taken at the time of her performance, and didn't seem to understand the reputational risk of appearing in a Cookie☆ voice drama. Despite her tone being very boyish and childlike, apparently Meguru was an adult by the time she voice-acted in Kussokuri☆. While some of the voice actors who appeared in Kussokuri☆ were active and held live broadcasts or participated in other voice dramas, Meguru was comparatively reluctant to do so. Her attitude towards Cookie☆ in general were negative and she retired sometime soon. Nevertheless, she has also collaborated with Shiromiya in a voice play and through singing with her as a duo. The whereabouts of Meguru today are unknown.

Character History

Since Kussokuri☆ was posted on December 10, 2015, Meguru has often been drawn in Cookie☆ fanart in Nico Nico Seiga, but had not appeared much in MAD videos. Even so, there were a few Meguru videos, such as her role as a shop assistant in the series "トリカス☆ (Bird-cas☆) " (6 June 2016 - 17 May 2017), and the content creator Crayon-Kun (クレヨン君 (Crayon-kun) ) who later became famous in the video thread, mass-produced Meguru-centric videos such as "Meguru Walking☆" (12 March 2017).

On May 1, 2017, the "後ろに90°近くに曲げてくる奴☆.MGR姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) (The one that bends almost 90 degrees backwards☆.Meguru-sis) " series was posted by "深淵 も またこちら を のぞいている兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) (the abyss also peeked at us-aniki) " and gained a lot of views. This would quickly increase her fame among MADs, and she would mainly appear in BB theatres. Particularly, the video "MGR (meguru) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) GB108 (Green-Back 108) 連発 (Meguru-aneki GB108 Series) "(August 3, 2017) posted by the same author, is a BB material of Meguru animated with 2.5D MMD, which strengthened the presence of Meguru in BB theaters.

On October 22, 2017, MGRoid became famous when にす兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) (Nisu-aniki) posted "論理空軍☆ (Logical Air Force☆) ". After that, "LAB=01☆" (December 1, 2017), "Big Brother☆" (May 8, 2018) and other videos utilizing MGRoid were made by Nisu-Aniki and became famous.

Nowadays, she is one of the most popular characters used in otoMADs as a UTAU voiceroid providing vocals to videos she appears in.

In Derived Works


Within BB theaters, she is most often depicted with her co-stars Yuuhi and Shiromiya. She displays a variety of personalities within BB theaters, most often as a childlike tomboyish girl full of curiosity and the occasional bout of mischief who hangs out with Yuuhi, or something equally as monstrous and terrifying as Monster Yuuhi. She is the one person that Monster Yuuhi does not attack on sight, though this may change depending on the writer. Due to the amount of puns involving her TDN-notation name, she has developed an association with a variety of different subjects, like moles, tuna, the video game Metal Gear Rising, the MOGUERA mech from Godzilla, et cetera. She occasionally exhibits characteristics that make her exactly like the aforementioned subjects, such as being depicted as a parody of Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, Moguro from the anime The Laughing Salesman, or an actual tuna.

Despite not appearing much in battle-oriented BB theaters, Meguru displays a surprisingly high combat effectiveness, and is either proficient with a sword (most often a sword from Metal Gear Rising) or the odd weapon choice of a tuna. She also occasionally uses her Master Spark, or calls upon Yuuhi to assist her in combat.

Most of the BB theaters centered around Meguru seem to have a whimsical, playful, or fantastical tone, like in the Meguru's Forest series, the Meguru Waltz video, or the Meguru in a World of Wonders series.

Due to her most popular otoMADs being covers of Susumu Hirasawa songs, she is depicted as being the daughter of Susumu Hirasawa himself, or is shown interacting with him in some manner. Due to the fame of the Big Brother☆ otoMAD, Meguru also occasionally features as a Big Brother-like figure or the actual Big Brother of the novel 1984, with a multitude of mouths and eyes and the usage of slogans and lines straight from the 1984 novel such as "War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength" or "2 + 2 = 5".


Her design appears to be a smaller version of the design of Azusa's MMD model with distinctively large blue eyes, a tomboyish look, and large eyebrows, and she dressed in red-brown clothing. The design is distinctive and easy to imitate, and has been drawn frequently since the submission of Kussokuri☆; she is most often drawn paired with Yuuhi, but is also often drawn separately. When they are depicted as a set, they are often depicted as Marisa Twins as in the original voice drama, or as the only flesh and blood human that Monster Yuuhi does not attack. As she has been appearing in more and more videos, her illustrations have also rapidly gained popularity, and she now has more illustrations than Yuuhi.

Monster Meguru

Around October 2017, when Meguru became famous in the MAD community as MGRroid, an alternative design known as ばけものめぐる (Monster Meguru) was formed. Inspired by transformations taken by Meguru in the 論理空軍☆ (Logical Air Force☆) , LAB=01☆, and Big Brother☆ videos, Monster Meguru sports blue-black or green-black clothes, four eyes, three mouths (the other two mouths being formed from Meguru's cheek blushes), and occasionally heterochromia, and is accompanied by quotes from the 1984 novel. This form is either seen as being paired with Monster Yuuhi, or alone as a Big Brother-like character.

Related Netas



A mishearing of a line from the voice drama. She tried to say そうだぜ (That's right) そうだぜ ({{{3}}}) , but her tongue was lisping and the "da" curled up. It can be associated with MUR's phrase "そうだよ (That's right!) " from Inmu.

Bend backwards nearly 90 degrees

Derived from an audio clip where Meguru talks about being able to bend her own thumb backwards at a 90 degree angle. After the videos posted by 深淵 も またこちら を のぞいている兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) (the abyss also peeked at us-aniki) , it was established that Meguru could bend nearly anything she wanted, like her spine, backwards at 90 degrees without discomfort.

Tuna, Mole, Metal Gear Rising

マグロ, モグラ, メタルギアライジング

Derived from misreading or reinterpreting the TDN notation name of Meguru. Led to the association of Meguru with moles, tuna, Metal Gear Rising, and whatever else subject that people could connect her TDN notation name to.


An UTAU voicebank for Meguru's voice, and the synthesized machine-singing using the aforementioned voicebank. Since Meguru herself has distributed Japanese syllabary materials, many contributors have entered the market and created videos with the MGRoid voicebank. She has also left some of his works. Two versions of the voicebank exist : the older one and a new one utilizing AI.

Hirasawa's Daughter/Meguru Hirasawa

平沢の娘, 平沢巡

The depiction of Meguru as the daughter of the famed Japanese electronic musician Susumu Hirasawa. The otoMADs that popularized Meguru and MGRoid, and the most famous ones, are covers of songs by Susumu Hirasawa. Due to the impact of these otoMADs, more otoMADs that were covers of Susumu Hirasawa songs, with MGRoid providing the vocals, were produced, causing fans to connect Hirasawa and Meguru together.

Monster Meguru

Portrayal of Meguru as a more monstrous form of herself. She has a drastically different design with three mouths (originating from LAB=01☆, where Meguru's cheek blushes were treated as extra mouths and vocalized along with the main mouth), four eyes (originating from Big Brother☆), and blue-black or green-black clothing. This design is often depicted in fanart, and is used as Meguru's monster transformation, following in the footsteps of Monster Yuuhi, who serves as her partner.