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Marz is an amateur voice actress who played major roles in Taisa's trilogy of voice dramas, Cookie☆☆. She played the roles of Marisa Kirisame in Cookie☆☆ S1 and Hong Meiling in Cookie☆☆/S2. She also helped in planning Cookie☆☆ S1 alongside Taisa, although this is rarely discussed. When Cookie☆☆ S1 was discovered by the budding Cookie☆ community, the bad sound quality and muffled voice of her lines drew attention and criticism, and she was touted as the second Udzuki due to her own bouyomi reminiscent of the OG voice actor’s line delivery. However, her Niconico Livestream sessions caused the community to change their tone completely and praise her gentle nature. Her complex relationship with Taisa, her depressed, muddy voice, as well as her affinity for Pokemon are some of her major defining traits in Cookie☆ and are major factors in her own status as an important character in BB theatres.


In the Voice Drama

Cookie☆☆ S1

   Marz played the role of Marisa Kirisame and the deuteragonist. Reimu asked her as a company in secretly delivering presents on Christmas Eve for the latter’s scheme. However, during the course of the plot, she displayed insensitive and surprisingly narcissistic behaviours and engaged in mischiefs like blowing up Alice's house after being embarrassed over Alice(notably played by Taisa)’s sleep-talking about naughty activities with her (and Reimu encouraging her to kiss Alice), stealing Eirin's medicine, and attempting to fight Sakuya. She did nevertheless object to Reimu giving Sanae downright dangerous presents and scribbling on her face. In the end, the plan was a failure and Marisa was forced to pay for damages to Alice's house, and a post-credits scene implies she would experience increased libido and start looking like a man due to ingesting Eirin's medicine.

Cookie☆☆ S2

   Marz played the role of Hong Meiling, a relatively minor role. She acted as gatekeeper and blocked Cirno's attempt to enter the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As is usual for most fan-works starring Meiling, she appears to have intruders mainly when sleeping. When Reimu and her friends came to the mansion, she was bothered by Reimu's forcible attempts to gain permission for entry into the mansion, but it was resolved by Sakuya's arrival. At the end of the voice drama, she was arguing with Cirno.


   Born in 1989, Marz attended and graduated from the same voice acting school as Taisa, where the two met and became very close friends. Around 2013, Taisa and Marz began working on what would become Cookie☆☆ S1. While Marz did planning work for the voice drama, she only wrote the first and last scenes for it while Taisa did the rest of the scenes and recruited other voice actors. Marz also knew about the Cookie☆ OG voice drama and its controversy beforehand, but went ahead in creating Cookie☆☆ S1 and acting in Cookie☆☆ S2 together with Taisa. Apparently, the reason why Marz has a quiet, depressed voice and horrid sound quality in the voice dramas was because she recorded in her home, where she has to be mindful of her family, and when she managed to record at a quieter place such as Taisa's house, her voice quality improved to an extent.

   Marz often did Niconico Livestreams during her heyday, most of the time alongside Taisa. In these streams she showcased a rather gentle nature of hers, and, while confused by the influx of homos at first, she was rather tolerant and accepted them almost immediately. This lead to the community responding positively and making her popular. During these streams she sung duets with Taisa, chatted about Pokemon and made impressions of Pokemons such as Pikachu, Torchic, and Squirtle, and partook in a collaboration centred around the anime Yuru Yuri with Taisa and Shiro(Taisa's other best friend who has known her longer than Marz). Marz’s character songs are popular because of her raspy singing voice, and rumours said that she lost her beautiful voice to her tenure at the voice acting school.

   From evidence dug up by homos and from some words of Marz and Taisa themselves, it was revealed that the two were not just close friends, but in fact lesbian lovers. This was supported by the fact that Marz often visited lesbian websites, as well as a blogpost by Taisa that described her sexual experience with Marz, leaked sometime after the disappearance of both by the infamous Manchurian Incident. When asked about their relationship in a livestream, Taisa immediately replied she was straight and Marz gave vague answers, and at the end Taisa reluctantly admitted that Marz was a normal person, while Marz was uncharacteristically unable to say anything. Sometime during the announcement of Cookie☆☆ S2, they broke up with each other, and, after Cookie☆☆ S3's release, she essentially quit online activities and disappeared from the Internet, but not before reconciling her friendship with Taisa. While Taisa was confirmed to have married, the whereabouts and fate of Marz remain unknown.

In Derived Creations


   In BB theatres, Marz takes on the gentle, submissive personality shown in her livestreams, and is heavily associated with Pokemon due to her enthusiasm in the franchise and her Pokemon impressions in her livestreams. Pokemon like Tyranitar, Salamence, and Scizor, all typified as "badass" and appealing to the older demographic, are the ones often associated with Marz. She uses them as powerful and obedient battlers. She is also associated with much more traditionally cutesy Pokemons like Torchic and Pikachu, whom she made impressions of. Furthermore, Marz has the usual ability of Marisas to fly with a broom and use Master Spark. Her Meiling role is barely used in BB theatres, and is only occasionally seen in otoMADs that sample sound effects from Cookie☆☆ S2.

   Marz is often cast as a member of the Udzuki Sisters, alongside Udzuki, Azusa, and Rei. Her exact age within this group varies, as either the eldest or second sister. She adopts differing characteristics in this role depending on the video, but she always cares for her younger sisters(or younger sisters and brother) and goes along with their antics.

   Her defining relationship with Taisa is popular in BB theatres. Oftentimes, MZTIS-centric works are depressing, tragic, or tearjerking in theme due to how their real-life relationship ended. Their relationship and any romance they have will be sour, or bittersweet, or ultimately something passed to be looked back on with a sense of nostalgia. Taisa's domineering, villainous, and aggressively confident personality provides a balancing contrast to Marz's demureness and timidity. Occasional mentions to the Manchurian Incident and Taisa marrying a husband in real life can be brought up.

   She also is paired with her co-star from Cookie☆☆ S1, the mischievous brat Benikurage, who relentlessly teases and bullies her exploiting her doormat nature, providing a contrast similar to her relationship with Taisa, though with almost no romantic or real-life connotations.


   Her de-facto MMD model and the one used in the MMD-version of Cookie☆☆ S1 is Impulse's Kourindou Marisa(impulse (しき) (shiki) 香霖堂 (こうりんどう) 香霖堂 (kourindou) 魔理沙 (まりさ) 魔理沙 (marisa) ) in its winter outfit. The model was inspired by Marisa's winter clothing in one of the Curiosities of Lotus Asia books, though in BB theatres the regular outfit may also be used.

   There also exists a popular alternate design for Marz called Nikubenki Marz( (にく) (niku) 便器 (べんき) 便器 (benki) MZ () ), which is based on the MMD model but heavily exaggerates her sexual features, with a larger, taller and chubbier build that towers over her sisters, and a massive bust, heavily contrasting the slender and youthful frame of the original MMD model and explaining the name Nikubenki. The design is most common in illustrations, in which Marz is treated as if it is her actual design. However, it doesn't really appear in videos. There was an effort to create an MMD model similar to this design of Marz, but it was difficult to use the new model since it was basically near-naked. In 2019, Otömoto released a video which was an animated version of one of his previous artworks called “Napping MZ”. The video had a great response. The views for Marz’s Niconico tag were boosted with the help of other authors making art and videos of this design.

   Marz is prominently drawn similar to what NEETs or hikikomoris would look like, with her expression always being anxious, confused, tired, or embarrassed, and is occasionally drawn with eyebags, messy hair, and/or mushrooms growing on her.

   On another note, her Meiling role uses the Hong Meiling model created by Arlvit.

Related Netas

ヴォイスドラマキカク () (ヴォイス (uoisu) ドラマ (dorama) 企画 (きかく) 企画 (kikaku) )

Dialogue from Cookie☆☆ S1's intro meaning “Voice Drama Project”. Until Cookie☆☆ S2 was released, Cookie☆☆ S1 and Cookie☆ OG were the only materials available to the Cookie☆ community. Due to this line, the Cookie☆☆ trilogy and by extension the rest of the Cookie☆ voice dramas are called "Voice Drama Projects". The mumbled, sloppy delivery of the line had a great impact and notes like 呪詛 (じゅそ) 呪詛 (jyuso) and 絶望 (ぜつぼう) 絶望 (zetsubou) are appended to its end. Even in subsequent series, although Marz is not the one delivering it, this line is inherited and featured in Cookie☆-respect works.

Squeaky Voice\Damp Voice\Depressed Voice:

Terms referring to Marz' voice and its unique tone. As described previously, the unique tone was due to her having to account for family members at home. When recording elsewhere her voice quality improved a bit, and during these times she may be called 覚醒 (かくせい) 覚醒 (kakusei) MZ () . The "Damp Voice" moniker in particular came from one of her lines, "What's with the damp face?". Sometimes called シケ (shike) (ごえ) (goe) or シケボ (shikebo) .

Toshinou Kyouko

A character from Yuru Yuri whom she played in the YuruYuri collaborations alongside Taisa and Shiro. It led to the occasional drawings of Marz and Taisa in Yuru Yuri school outfits, and Shiro being depicted as her role in the collab, Akari Akaza. Those are the few times Shiro appears in Cookie☆ derivative works. Sometimes referred to as "Shanghai Doll" because of the similar appearance (blond hair, red bow) to the doll from Touhou.

満州 (まんしゅう) 満州 (manshyuu) 事変 (じへん) 事変 (jihen)

A blog discovered and disseminated sometime after Taisa's retirement and Marz' disappearance from the Internet. It details an incredibly saucy sexual experience between the two, and became a huge sensation within the community. Especially drawing attentions were the description of Marz as a tough, mature, dominant woman in stark contrast to what she seemed like in the livestreams, and that her finger smelled like よっちゃん (yocchan) イカ (ika) , a brand of popular Japanese snack foods made from squid) after fingering Taisa. Due the influence of this post, Taisa is often shown as a squid-monster or with heavy squid motifs in BB theatres and illustrations, and Marz may display a surprisingly assertive and spirited personality.

最近 (さいきん) 最近 (saikin) MZ () すき (suki)

a regular comment that is posted every time Marz appears in an otoMAD, illustration or BB theater. It originated from a comment by on a video called ポケモン (pokemon) (no) (はなし) (hanashi) (wo) する (suru) MZ () 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) .hgss by Norinori. Norinori himself has been making videos mainly centred around Marz two years before the release of this video, and it seems that the comment spread because there was a point that it was not started recently by any means.