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[Touhou Voice Drama] Kuuso☆/Marisa and Reimu's Birthday Party, or Kuuso☆/Kuso★, is a voice drama produced by Atouda Ako and published on 14 May, 2018. Its plot and shortened name is inspired by the short story "Gege(解夏)" by Masashi Sada. The voice drama features a more serious story and an implied sex scene, but retained the abundant references to Cookie☆ netas and jokes.



There was some controversies over the announcement that the previously unvoiced characters Milk and Flour were going to be voiced in the new voice drama. On the one hand, it would undermine their most distinguished traits. On the other hand, however, the voices would provide useful materials for MADs and BB Theatres. A third group held the opinion that the voiced characters ought to be treated as different characters from their mute counterparts. Due to Kuuso☆ never having become a well-used MAD source, the controversy was rendered largely irrelevant.

Interestingly, in the dialogue name section and the credits, the characters are listed to as "Milk" and "Flour" instead of the names of their Touhou bases.

The most famous instance of this voice drama being featured in a MAD is probably in The Kusso☆ Collab 3.