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"Touhou Early Summer Voice Drama" (東方 初夏のボイスドラマ), or Kusso☆S1, is a voice drama produced by Atouda Ako, released on June 28th, 2014. It is the first voice drama released of the Kusso☆ series—one of the most famous Cookie☆ series known for the abundance of scatological contents, as well as active reference of existing Inmu and Cookie☆ netas in their plots and production.

Plot Summary

Marisa, Alice, Patchouli, and Koakuma are invited by Reimu one day to participate in the enema sumo contest.

Full Transcript



On its voice actor recruitment, the voice drama was described as "not really Adult content but it's a bit vulgar". The actresses were only partially made aware about Cookie☆ and basically knew nothing about Touhou Project. It is quite likely that the newcomer voice actresses were deceived into participation. Furthermore, as the failed candidate Suzui Risa (鈴井里沙) was the only Touhou fan among the choices, it was suspected that she was rejected particularly to keep out any actresses with knowledge of Touhou from the cast.

As indicated by the Niconico Content Tree, the plot of the voice drama is based on those of Cookie☆OG, Cookie☆☆ and Inmu video "Scat and Entertainer" (糞と芸人) [1], a Neta derived from the porn movie "Scat and the Boys" (糞と少年).

Upon its initial release, the voice drama was called names like "Unko☆" (うんこ☆) or "Kuso☆" (糞☆). Eventually, the community settled with the name Kusso☆(クッソー☆). Like the original Cookie☆, Kusso☆ can stand for both the single voice drama or the whole series of voice dramas produced by Atouda. Sometimes, it also refers to other voice dramas of the series like KussoKuri☆ or KussoQVC. To avoid ambiguity, the first Kusso☆ voice drama can be called "First Kusso", "First Summer", or, as used by this wiki, "Kusso☆S1".

As discussions of Kasu☆ was running high, the release of Kusso☆S1 put off the community because of its scatological content. However, the plot itself had been praised as rather interesting. The reactions led to further discussions of its sequel voice dramas, such as Kusso☆S2 and Kusso☆S3. The scat-heavy plot of the voice drama initially suppressed its popularity, but the surrounding netas and works began to rise with more and more people having gotten used to presence of scat, due to the prominence of scat-related Inmu figures like Hentai Kusoyaji .

All participants disappeared very quickly after the voice drama's release, and not many information is discovered about them. With the discovery of a fanwork named "To Japan☆" (にほんへ☆), the investigation for the voice actresses' information, materials and scenes continued between around March 2017 and June 2018. It was discovered that Mikami Makoto, Kasai, Yayoi Usagi, and Mai are all still active, especially Mikami. Even though not much new materials was found about Noel, a little information about her did come to light.

In celebration of the 11th anniversary of Cookie☆, an MMD version was uploaded on Feb 2nd 2021.

Derived Works on Niconico

Aside from many MADs, Kusso☆S1 was also turned into a game. The name of the game reflected some of the early names given to the voice drama, as discussed above.

After the initial buzz, MADs made about Kusso☆S1 declined, and the voice drama became slowly eclipsed by more famous episodes of the Kusso☆ series like Choco Heart. Noel is the only member of the cast who received extensive derivative works. The other characters remain mostly minor in the subculture.