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[Touhou Derivative Work Play] Reimu and Marisa's Happy★ Christmas [1] or short Hapikuri is the 6th and currently the last installment of the Kusso☆ series, published and planned by Atouda Ako on 19 May, 2020.

The setting is set in a year 2119 future after nuclear war and culture collapse, reminiscent of the postapocalyptic "Mad Max", the "Fallout" series or the anime "Fist of the North Star".

In 25 May, 2020, Atouda released a video of him giving an author's explanation video [2].

The topics discussed are "Is Cookie already passé?" and "What does a bad organizator look like?".

On Niconico

The voice sources were split and distributed on 21 May, 2020, three days after its upload. Around ten videos about Hapikuri were uploaded within a week of release which indicated high potential, since the sourcification went quicker than other voice drama's of that time. A masterpiece is this[3].

On the Hon-Thread

The last work Kuriifu appeared in after she was identified.