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Touhou Christmas 2015! Voice Drama Project, also known as Kusso☆S4 or KusoKuri☆, is a voice drama published on 12 December, 2015 by Atouda Ako. As with Kusso☆S3, this "voice" drama features full visual scenes, all drawn by Atouda himself. When it was first released, Atouda thought the voice drama would be his last video of the series and called it "Kusso☆FINAL", though many people simply call it by the shorter name "Kusso☆". To avoid confusion with the other entries, the community settled on the name "Kusokuri☆". After the supposed "last" entry, Atouda would proceed to announce the voice dramas "Kusso☆ QVC" and "Posso☆", causing people to react with the Inmu neta "all homos are liars".



As in the previous entry, the risks of participating were stated in the work description, but it seems that some people did not read it carefully.

The Kusso☆ series as a whole is known for the many homages it paid to the OG Cookie☆ and Cookie☆☆ series. KusoKuri☆ in particular made various references to the existing voice dramas, as well as the Cookie☆ subculture as a whole on a meta level. For example, five different Marisas appear in imitation to the subculture's characterisation, Rurima and Akira returned to the cast, and Miramikaru Riran (voiced by Ichigo) appeared as a character.

This approach led to polarised audience who were broken on their attitudes on the parodies. Similar controversy applies to the next entry to the series, Kuuso☆. KusoKuri☆ can be said to be a culmination of Atouda's style of self-aware Cookie☆ voice dramas.

Since it was published after the popular Choco Heart☆, it spawned a lot of interest. A lot of materials made of the voice drama ended up in MADs and BB Theatres, making KusoKuri☆ a solid entry of the Kusso☆ series, such as Shiromiya's "Gag Manga Biyori" face.. Small scale popularity booms happened to Ruka, and later to Yuuhi and Meguru.

Many of the voice actors were active on Twitter and were involved in Cookie☆. Since interest in Cookie☆☆ died down, they gained a lot of interest on the Hon-thread. It was a major turning point in restoring activity on the declining Hon-Thread, shifting the focus from the Cookie☆☆ series to the Kusso☆ series.