Kuroneko Amane

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"ブゥーチッブゥーチッ♪ (Bū~chibbū~chii) ペーペケッペッペペーペーペペ♪ (Pēpekeppeppepēpēpepe) "—— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Kuroneko Amane is the voice actress who played Kazami Yuuka in Birthday☆ and Yakumo Yukari in Gorgonzola☆. Unlike other characters based on Yuuka she speaks very slowly, which is why she's called a "slow-talking obasan".


In Voice Drama

   She is an experienced doujin voice actress. Her Cookie☆ debut role was Kazami Yuuka role in Birthday☆. She also played all the roles (Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa) in Mikan☆, and Yakumo Yukari in Re☆ and Gorgonzola☆.

   Due to the many voice acting content, people created a separate channel on CTV☆ about her (the same was done with Meimei's content). People call her "Jashin" (an evil god) because of this.

Online Activities

   She was friendly to Cookie☆ community and allowed people to call her by TDN name.

   She was cast on role in Hitori Shuko Hyakka's voice drama, but after people trolled her on the Hon-thread, Kuroneko Amane stated that she would never participate in any Touhou or Cookie☆ project. However, she did appear anonymously in Gorgonzola☆.

   After leaving the Cookie☆ community Kuroneko Amane started a VTuber career under the same nickname. She calls herself a "futanari VTuber".

   She is a good friends with Kinu, another Birthday☆ voice actor. Looks like Kinu has some romantic feelings for her, but she just treats him as a friend.

   Kuroneko Amane often uses this emoticon - _(:3」∠)_ known as 高澤淳介 (Takagawa Junsuke).