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   Kinu is the voice actor who played Kirisame Marisa in Spellcard☆. Although Kinu initially introduced himself as a woman, he later came out[1] as possibly a trans man.


In Voice Drama

   His voice reminded people of Takayama Minami, the voice actress who played Edogawa Conan in "Detective Conan".

   In Spellcard☆, there are Inmu references to Yajuu's "こ↑こ↓ (ko↑ko↓) " and Kiyono's "アツゥイ (atsui) アツゥイ! (atsui) アツゥイ! (atsui) ..." by him (WARNING: the links are NSFW!).

   He's bad at reading kanji, and people make fun of him for it. For example, Kinu reads "羽毛 (umō) " as "はねげ (hanege) ". "羽毛" is also a reference to Toono's misheard quote "う、羽毛 (u umō) ...".

Online Activities

   Before he became a voice actor, he made RTA videos of Pokémon Snap in the "biim system" format. However, the videos were poorly made and didn't get much attention.

   After appearing in Spellcard☆, he introduced himself as a woman, but after Mugi announced his hiatus (June 12, 2018), Kinu revealed his gender. After that, people started to commonly refer to him as KN兄貴 (kinu aniki) .

   He was a fan of Mugi, but after they did the live translation where Mugi revealed his natural voice and showed the process of his voice changing, Kinu and Mugi argued and distanced themselves after that. It seems that Kinu started to be afraid of Mugi after he found out how much voice training Mugi did. On the other hand, Mugi is jealous of the fact that Kinu's female voice is natural, while he needs a lot of effort to make a female voice.

   He was a good friend of Kuroneko Amane. It seems that Kinu had some romantic feelings for her, but Amane treated him as a friend.

   On March 31, 2019, Kinu revealed that he is the same person as Otonashi, the fake Rei. He posted videos of him imitating Rei's voice since March 5, 2017. He also imitated Hinase's voice and Yamin's voice on the other account. People thought Otonashi was the real Rei until someone on Rei's fan thread leaked his personal information, so he deleted his videos and Twitter account. He hasn't imitated Rei's voice since that incident.

   On November 27, 2019, he announced on Twitter that he was starting his VTuber career under the name Chigasaki Kaoru. As before, he mainly made RTA videos.

   For now, the most of his Twitter, Youtube and Twitch accounts have been deleted for unknown reasons, but he's still active as Otonashi.


  1. On his Japanese wiki page, "カミングアウト", specifically meaning coming out as LGBT.