Kichigai Jigoku Gedou Saimon

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"いや (iya) 普通に (futsū ni) 巨根は (kyokon wa) デカマラの (dekamara no) ことだろ (kotodaro) " —— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Kichigai Jigoku Gedou Saimon is the voice actress who played Hecatia Lapislazuli in Gorgonzola☆. Her nickname comes from the song featured in the detective novel "Dogura Magura".


In Voice Drama

   She didn't know about Cookie☆ and participated in Gorgonzola☆ thinking it was a normal Touhou voice drama. She only has two lines in the voice drama, but people really liked the design of her character and the fact that her TDN name is very long.

   She also participated in Marriage☆, where she played Hecatia again.

   She played the role of herself in DM☆, the voice drama based on her texting with Igarashi, and in Green Tea's BB theater along with Mochiya and Maki.

Online Activities

   She didn't know about Cookie☆ before joining, but knew a little about Inmu. After participating in Gorgonzola☆, a lot of people from the Cookie☆ community started interacting with her on Twitter. She adapted very quickly and started to enjoy the situation even after she became the subject of rumors.

   She seems to be an intellectual who likes books, she calls herself a "left-wing nerd". She completely rejects democracy and capitalism and believes that humanity should start building communism. This is also the reason why she thinks that Chibou (who is also leftist) doesn't take these ideas seriously (she's not as radical as Kichigai).

   She is a big fan of traditional Japanese martial arts and skilled in unarmed combat and fighting with various ancient Japanese weapons (though she admits she's bad at fighting with kusarigama). She says, that she enjoys muscle training and that her grip strength is over 80 kg. This may be true, as she has shown videos of herself smashing apples and ripping off a deck of cards.

   Somehow she survived the "Freezing Festival", while most of the Gorgonzola☆ actor's accounts were frozen. She often deletes and revives her Twitter account at random intervals.

In Derived Creations

   Like the most of the Gorgonzola☆ characters, it's rare to see Kichigai Jigoku Gedou Saimon in otoMADs, but she often appears in artwork and sometimes in BB theaters.

   Many people liked that her character design is different from the original Hecatia - her left eye is covered by hair, she wears a cap and a shirt with "I big in Japan" and "巨根 (kyokon) " ("big dick" in slang) on it.