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Kanna is the voice actress for Reimu in Cookie☆☆S2 (aired on 1.1.2013).


Although she applied for being a voice actress outside of Cookie☆, this is the only time she actually worked as one. She is 1.72m tall.

In addition to voice acting, she also sings, dances, and streams playing video games.

She has a lot of aliases besides かんな (Kanna in Hiragana), she uses 栞奈 (Kanji of Kanna), when singing and streaming Touhou 桜華りりあ (Sakurahana Riria/Lilia), when streaming horror games キャプテン・サクラ (Kyaputen/Captain Sakura) and posting sometimes under まっちょ☆ (Macho☆).

When the voice drama first came out, it had an overwhelming impact because the voice didn't sound like Reimu but more like an old lady. She immediately became of of Cookie☆'s most popular characters.

Her popularity from Cookie☆☆S2 alone is what made the whole Cookie☆☆ era famous. Before this, Cookie☆☆ was just a another story specific to the Hon-thread.

In addition to the controversy from the performance in Cookie☆☆, there is also a variety of material from the voice actor's other activities. For example, the Cookie☆character song genre was born from the discovery of her songs.

In spite of her popularity, her perception of Cookie☆ was a disaster. When Cookie☆ invaded her socials, she had plenty of time to spare but after a while, she understood what was going on and put out the fire by deleting her accout and making Cookie☆☆ disappear.

She met Taisa at the Koebu and are good friends. After collaborating several times on some songs, Taisa casted Kanna as the main character in a voice drama planned by her. At that time, she and Taisa were on good terms, and there are descriptions that suggest Taisa used Kanna as an emotional support.

However, when Kanna received the reputational damage from Cookie☆, she had the Cookie☆☆ video deleted without Taisa's permission, and they never worked together again.

She even have Azusa some advice about acting but of course, Azusa didn't take it too seriously.

The only work she actually appeared in is Cookie☆☆, however, her mere presence induced reuptational damage as exemplified by her only applying for Cookie☆ZERO and 執事日記☆ (ultimately being rejected) but still getting reputational damage for this [Note: the case with 執事日記☆ is more diffuse]

There is also a character named SZK who was arrested for threatening Kanna for not liking her performance.

Before getting involved with Cookie☆, she was in a circle with Yukkuri Akari but they never met in person.

New Year's 2019, she released the voice message announcing her return to the internet.



Part in the Voice Drama




Activities on YouTube

September 2019, she joined Yamin's livestream as a guest chatting and streaming games. The revival was talked about much and "KNN姉貴" was trending on Twitter.

On June 2020, she appeared in Yamin's streams again and on December 25th, they collabed on a song together.

On 30th January 2021, Kanna announced on Yamin's Twitter that she will be creating a Twitter account and announced a debut on YouTube for February 1st.

On November 7th 2021, Kanna took a week-long break.

Minecraft stream incident

Viewer M verbally abused Viewer N, including cursing N's parents and telling him to "go to eternal rest", at a Minecraft viewer participation project and members-only stream held from May to September 2021. Viewer A was also a victim of this. N sent an E-mail to Kanna, who declared that she would take strict action against those who violated the rules of her stream, saying that she was turning a blind eye to M's behavior and that it was not what she had declared. Kanna contacted M and replied that he had told her he was sorry and remorseful. However, M continued to rant and abuse in the chat after that, and some listeners who saw it complained about the laxity in dealing with rule breakers.

It started with the story that the self-governing fags who make such points are stressful for Kanna. In the process, it was also revealed that there had been a quarrel between M and N and others.



その後NはTwitterで、いざこざの説明の重要な部分が省かれていた事、他人が推察したコメントをさも自分がそう思っているかのように受け取った事、自分たちを厄介なクレーマーとして扱った事、加害者であるMを擁護する発言をした事を取り上げ、自身の主張と感想を述べた。(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


About Niconico

She is very popular and often plays the main character due to her overwhelming presence when she appears.

She often appears as a mother in BB Theaters. In this situation, the other Reimus, Suika, Yajuu-senpai and other characters are the children, you could say she can be treated as the mother of any character.

She is also popular in Battle Cookie☆ and often appears as a heroic figure with a karate-like fighting style.

[2 paragraphs ommited due to insufficient credibility and incomprehensibility of their claims]

On May 3 2016, Kannas deleted livestreams and sung videos were salvaged using an external tool called re:NicoNico. These were called "holy relics" and contributed to the revaluation of Kanna.

About Hon-thread

As soon as she came out, her presence made her the center of attention, far surpassing even Marz and Azusa, who had been expected to be the main Cookie☆☆S2 characters.

However, although there was a lot of discussion about the Cookie☆☆ deletion scandal and anger against Cookie☆☆, the information was investigated under the radar as the account disappeared, and the topic settled down.

After that, Cookie☆ZERO and Cookie☆ character songs became popular because of the stories that were discovered through the investigation, but Yukkuri Akari told that she had joined the office to become an erotic game singer.

For a while, not much progress was made. For this reason, she was even regarded as having the same information management skills as her sister Kurikinton. However, as more and more stories were unearthed, it was eventually discovered that she had disclosed her face and real name, and such reputation became a thing of the past.

Naturally, as more information was uncovered, the topic of Kanna became more and more exciting, and regained more momentum than when it was first discovered.

About streaming



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