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"てめぇ (teme) マジ (maji) 覚えてろよ (oboe tero yo) " —— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Jun is the voice actor who played Inaba Tewi and Yorigami Joon in Gorgonzola☆, and also participated as an artist in Kusso☆S5. In 2018 he introduced himself as a 13-year-old boy, the biological sex and the real age are unknown (but he's most likely an adult woman).


In Voice Drama

   His Cookie☆ debut was in Gorgonzola☆ (June 6, 2018). He also played Igarashi in DM☆, Komeiji Koishi in SatoRemi Syndrome☆, Yorigami Joon in Xiangsheng☆☆☆, and all roles (Tatara Kogasa and Houjuu Nue) in Dokibare☆.

   As an artist he participated in Kusso☆/S5 and DM☆.

   He also voiced Atouda in his video "I finally will become a VTuber!!!!!"

Online Activities

   After being introduced as a boy, he was sexually harassed by his fans on Twitter (similar thing happened to Mugi before). In an interview with Kabochamaru he got donned with the worse sexually harassing questions.

   Around July 2018 Jun became a victim of the "Freezing Festival", his Twitter accounts were frozen due to a false DMCA notification, but were unfrozen a week later.

   In September 2019 the former Cookie☆ artist Hoshinogen posted a thread on Twitter, saying that he paid Jun 80,000¥ per date with him, while Jun was dating with two other guys at the same time. This incident almost revealed that Jun is actually a woman.

In Derived Creations

   Jun mostly appears as his Tewi character, the Joon one (JONJUN) is quite obscure.

   He appears very rarely in otoMADs (as well as any Gorgonzola☆ characters) and BB theaters. For some reason, when Jun appears on video, trolls start demanding that the Cookie☆ tag be removed from the video.

   There is a lot of artwork of him, mostly inappropriate. Sometimes shown in pair with Hoshinogen as a joke about 80,000¥.

Other Netas

A Desiccated Fetus

   Jun's necklace, originally a carrot, but looks like a ginseng. Speculating about Jun's gender, people came up with a horrible joke theory that Jun is a mother who went crazy after a stillbirth and caring a dried up fetus on her neck.