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Ichigo in this page refers to the voice actress mostly known for her casting as Alice Margatroid in Kusso☆ S3, not to be confused with 木下 (Kinoshita) いちご (Ichigo) and いちご (Ichigo) (the VA of Hakurei Reimu in お泊り会☆ (Omamorikai) お泊り会☆ (Sleepover Party) ), they are 3 different people.

Ichigo is the voice actress of Alice Margatroid in Kusso☆ S3, she is mostly refered as ICG or ICG aneki. ICG is known for her amateurish acting and soft weak voice. Such a voice has once won her the nickname Miffy☆. She also acted as Miramikaru Riran in Kusso☆ S4 and Kirisame Marisa in かぼちゃ☆ (Kabochya) かぼちゃ☆ (Pumpukin) .

In Voice Dramas

Kusso☆ S3

Ichigo’s main role is Alice in Kusso☆ 3, she was first seen standing in front of Palaquin Ship's Pastry Workshop, after entering she met Yuuka (Akira) (the customer) and Nazrin (Nyon) (the shopkeeper) there. After failing to buy any pastry material she learned from Nazrin that the day is Valentine's Day and all the materials had been sold out. Luckily, there were still 2 pieces of chocolates left, Alice bought them and brought them to Reimu (Rurima) and Marisa (Suzu) , Marisa expressed her gratitude and happiness, they hugged before the drama ends.

"Let's go"/"Ikuyo"


Alice’s line in Kusso☆S3, the line was said near the end of the voice drama. The quote is very popularly used in derived works.

"Why don't you quit your job?"


From the famous Kusso☆ S3 pastry workshop scene, after asking Nyon 3 times for pastry ingredients (eggs, milk, and wheat flour) but all the answers are "No." ("ないです" (Naidesu) , "ない" (Nai) ), Ichigo was annoyed and shouted "Why don't you quit your job (if you have nothing in your shop)?" to Nyon.

Kusso☆ S4

Ichigo's role here is Miramikaru Riran, who appeared as a minor character. She was sleeping while Reimu (Shiromiya) and the third Marisa (Akane) broke into her house in order to give her Christmas gift.


Netas related to Ichigo include:

Fuwafuwa Usagi-chan

Ichigo took the role of narrator in Atouda's so-called kid's animation うさぎちゃんのケーキづくり (Usagi-chan no Cake tsukuri) うさぎちゃんのケーキづくり (Rabbit-chan's Cake Making) . Notably, the animation's main character, Fuwafuwa Usagi-chan's design is apparently based on Miffy.


A series of skeletal animation GBs made when Ichigo began to become popular.

ICG姉貴EX .GB, by しずかに (Shizukani) These animations are based on the Undertale character Mettaton.

They are used frequently in BB theaters.

Gaba Physics


Due to the success of ICGちゃんのお料理バンザイ.phun (ICG-chan's Cooking Banzai) (uploaded on November 18, 2016) by ないとり。 (Naitori。) , it was combined with ガバガバ物理演算シリーズ (Gaba Gaba Physics Series) . Ichigo’s role in derived works as a telekinesis user originated from here.

Null Sports

Ichigo once said that she is good at sports ("運動は得意な方です。") in the Ichigo Interview Kikaku, this results a lot of Ichigo sports GBs to be produced, for example, 力強いフォームでサーブするICG姉貴GB+使用例 (ICG-aneki serving in strong stance GB + expample) .

Fuwafuwa Usagi-chan

ふわふわうさぎちゃん (Fluffy Rabit-chan) ふわふわうさぎちゃん (Fuwafuwa Usagi-chan)

The main character of the Ichigo narrated animation うさぎちゃんのケーキづくり (Usagi-chan no Cake Tsukuri) うさぎちゃんのケーキづくり (Rabbit-chan's Cake Making) .It commonly plays the role of Ichigo's rabbit doll which can be controlled remotely (usually through telekinesis or psychokinesis, etc.) in derived works.


The shipping of Ichigo and Jigen (JGN). In this shpping most times Ichigo is appeared as askICG/purpapantICG. In the beginning of 2017, the illustrator ま す だ (ma su da) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) drew a coupling picture of Ichigo and Jigen, it became popular in Niconico Seiga. In February there were another illustrator お か だ (o ka da) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) who began to draw ICGN, the ICGN tag was once dominated by them, ま す だ (ma su da) and お か だ (o ka da) ). Their shōjo manga style artworks featured askICG/purpapantICG as Ichigo exclusively. In May 2017, the two illustrators disappeared, their works and accounts were deleted. People started to draw Kusso☆ S3 Ichigo in ICGN.

Line Live

In the midnight of July 8, 2017, Ichigo started a livestream through Line Live. She was gifted about 50000 yen from SIMPs in a single night. The "Do not use the contents from this livestream for MADs." statement was ignored, within the day the voice materials was uploaded to Niconico. This event had a large impact to the Cookie☆ community. Incidentally, the day before was the day that Yamin uploaded her enema video on youtube. On August 5 of the same year, Ichigo started another livestream on Line Live once again, it was a livestream with SIMPs gifting money, just like the aforementioned one.


A person who gifted money in the aforementioned livestream.

"Tainted by Money"

A neta about the aforementioned event on July 8. Making profit from Cookie☆ is a behavior that would cause offense. It once caused discussions about that whether Cookie☆ VAs should be gifted money or not, on Niconico Seiga.

Strawberry Knight

ストロベリーナイト (Strawberry Knight)

Ichigo's simps, sometimes abbreviated to ナイト (Knight) . A concept derieved from the aforementioned event on July 8. In illustration and MADs they are drawn as Ichigo's white knights, fans, stalkers and sugar daddys. Because there was not an official design, Knights are drawn differently by different contributors.They are often depicted as people in western style armors with Ichigo-related decorations. Not to be confused with りょー@苺騎士.

Illegal Materials

Materials from the aforementioned livestream on July 8. Because of the statement of "ラインライブはラインライブだけ" ("Line Live is only Line Live.") that was stated during the livestream, materials from the streaming was named illegitimate materials. Though it was called illegitimate, this was not the reason why uploaders deleted their "illegitimate" videos.

Ichigo Delusion Tax Link

ICG姉貴妄想税リンク (ICG-aneki Delusion Tax Link)

At some time, there was many videos about Ichigo's Delusion Tax cover got uploaded. This tag was added at that time. As for now, this tag is almost obsoleted.

The Mural

There was a ruin called 焼肉要塞 (Yakiniku Yousai) 焼肉要塞 (Roast Fortess) in Kanagawa, a graffiti of Ichigo was found there. A ruin lover's note with a picture of the mural was found and shared to Hon-thread on August 5, 2020.

Ichigo and the Oppai Momitee Fox
Rubbing the Breast of the Fox

A graffiti by the side of the Ichigo mural. It was originally a graffiti of a fox, someone wrote "おっぱいもみてー" ("Rub the breasts--") "おっぱいもみてー" (Oppai momitee) on it at some point. Sometimes it is regarded as a character.