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Hisui is the voice actress who played Reisen in Cookie☆☆ S3 and Rin in Nabe☆. In real life, she is an amateur voice actress and singer who remains active to this day as a VTuber. However, the Cookie☆ portrayal of Hisui has since departed from the real person and instead became inspired by the vast amount of BB materials the community itself had produced using her character design and voice samples.

In the Voice Dramas

In Cookie☆☆ S3, Reisen worked with Tewi and kept being pushed by her. Marisa and her friends, looking for the thief, came and found her and Tewi selling rice cakes. She was suspected of being the thief because the large bag she carried, but she proved her innocence by showing contents. However, a suppository was found and put in the bag on the spot.

Reisen then went to the Hakurei Shrine with Tewi and spent Christmas there.

Real Life Activities

Hisui has a decent voice acting skill as well as singing skill, with a voice resembling that of Aya Hirano. She had worked as an active amateur voice actor online and produced a large volume of cover songs. When she first acted in Cookie☆☆ S3, she thought of it as a private project and was not aware of the fact that the voice drama would be published on Niconico. She thus complained to Taisa about the rumour damage that came following the drama's release.

Her social media account was (supposedly) accidentally leaked by Taisa during one of her discussion and complaints about the behind-the-scenes of the voice drama project. She was later found to be enjoying Benikurage's character song. It was discussed on the Hon-thread how she petitioned to Taisa not to release the voice drama on Niconico. While, subverting the thread's expectations, no further drama came out of that conflict, she was still remembered as the voice actress who stood up to Taisa.

Hisui was tolerant about the attention of the Cookie community. She continued to post about her life and livestreams on Twitter. She enjoys gastronomy and various gatcha games like Fate: Grand Order and Token Ranbu.

She graduated from the Caritas Girls' High School, an elite private academy in Japan. Her nickname "the rumoured sokoku woman(巷で噂の鎖国系女子)" came from her Twitter name. She applied for the "Our Yukico-tan Project", an anime idol project sponsored by the coffee milk brand Yukico, which Yamin also applied for. Both failed to be selected by the project.

Since July 2020, Hisui began Vtuber activities under the name of Toono Hisui.

In Derived Works

Hisui was initially not a character with many netas to be featured in MADs. And while many other cast of Cookie☆☆ S3 lacked derived creations, she was the only one to be described by the Nico encyclopedia as "doesn't have much role in Cookie", which thus cemented her status as an extra character.

However, the "unprecedented Hisui boom" of 2016 changed the situation and made her the most popular character of that period. Named after the "unprecedented Majime-kun boom" of the Inmu character Majime-kun, the name follows a standard format and is given to formerly unpopular characters receiving sudden and immense popularity in Inmu or Cookie.

The boom came into its shape following the abundant BB material works by creators like Ari and Jikomujun. There was so many BB materials produced of her that she had to be excluded from the general monthly ranking of Cookie videos. She also got a monthly ranking series dedicated exclusively to her videos for a while. Hisui's boom was also the early case of a Cookie character whose netas are created by the community's creations rather than activities of the real life voice actress, setting the precedent for later Cookie characters developed with their original traits by the community.

With the rapid enrichment of her materials, MADs, and sound clips, she became incredibly popular. She became known as the "BB actress(BB女優)". The momentum has declined from its peak, but she still remains one of Cookie's most important characters. Like DIYUSI and her Touhou origin, she is known as a "newcomers' trap(新参ホイホイ)".


Like most other characters from Cookie☆☆ S3, Hisui's appearance in MADs follow Reisen's New Christmas-style design, with the shape of her bang distinguishing her from the original Touhou character. Her personality, power, and relationship tends to be less stable, and mainly dependent on how the authors want to make use of her rich library of BB materials. Hisui is somewhat a "rival stereotype" as she tends to serve as the rival character to other characters of various genres. Following Hisui Farm, she's sometimes capable of growing her clones by planting her ears.


A series posted by Ari from 2015 to 2017. An imitation of Yanikasu☆, it portrays Hisui as an employee in a Magic: The Gathering card shop. It caused some later portrayals to associated Hisui with Magic.

Fire Breather

A BB material by Ari showing Hisui blowing fire in 2015. It made Hisui being associated with fire. A hypothesis argues that the fire breath came from a pun in Japanese where 緋翠(meaning "jade") has the same pronunciation as 火吸い(breathing in fire), but Ari denied this claim in a discussion.

Fake Hisui

A strange derivative character of Hisui that became its own thing.

Hisui and Rurima Shooting with Guns

A series of BB materials by Nesuragu. Also known as Django☆ because they are based on the film Django Unchained. It influenced the weapon choice of Hisui and Rurima during the former's boom.

Metal Hisui

A BB material by Jikomujun, with excellent animation and broken down parts. Along with her sound materials, metallisation became one of her common forms.

Other Major Creations Based on Hisui

Other Netas



Hisui tweeted this after seeing Benikurage's character song.

Stag Beetle

ファテナ☆☆での昔飼っていたペットについての話題になった際、飼っていたクワガタが寿命で死んで悲しかったという話の意外性からファテナ☆☆の見所として実況スレでネタにされた。 ここからクワガタがHSI姉貴を象徴する虫となった。緋翠キャラソンのまとめ動画を「クワガタアルバム」など。

"Melts from body heat, like snow"


An advertisement line for Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip that Hisui came up with. It was selected from among 18281 proposals by Kanna Hashimoto in a contest held by Mentholatum

An artwork inspired by this event, im9729901