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Hisaka is the voice actress for Remilia Scarlet in the Kurapi☆ voice drama. She is noted for her distinctively nasal and unusually rough voice that drew comparisons to Sakura's similarly-nasal voice from Cookie☆☆/S2, and her Twitter posts reveal a spectacularly chaotic and dismal daily life and home environment. In BB theaters Hisaka usually moves and acts in a bizarre fashion, and is thrust into dreadful, abnormal scenarios with strange characters, almost always set to her de-facto theme song Between The Sky and You by Miyuki Nakajima. These types of videos were popularized by the MAD movie creator 石恵 (いしえ) 石恵 (ishie) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) and set the tone for Hisaka-centric videos to come, and led to Hisaka being seen as some sort of terrifying, eldritch metamorphic being that moves unnaturally.


Voice Drama Role

Hisaka plays the role of Remilia Scarlet in Kurapi☆. Remilia Scarlet appears in the beginning in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, discussing with Sakuya about youkai stirring up trouble outside, and deciding to go outside at night to take care of the situation out of boredom. Later on, thanks to Kogasa running into the two of them outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion and alerting them, she and Sakuya arrive just in the nick of time to save Flandre and Clownpiece from a vicious rampaging youkai. The youkai is revealed to be Nue Houjuu who was temporarily driven mad by Clownpiece's torch, the entire group makes up, and everyone has a feast at the Scarlet Devil Mansion at Remilia's suggestion.

General History/Tragic Episodes of Hisaka

Hisaka is 142cm tall and her bust/waist/hip measurements are 93-63-79cm, with a family consisting of divorced parents and an older brother and younger sister. She practices the art of calligraphy on her days off, occasionally makes childlike drawing that she posts onto her Twitter account, and, apparently, can do an excellent impression of Toad from Mario. She dreams to someday become a humble farmer, similarly to her friend Dorashiro's current occupation. However, her daily life and home environment, gleaned mostly from Hisaka's twitter posts, is incredibly miserable and pitiable, eliciting sympathy from the Cookie☆ fanbase. During the course of her life, she has suffered many tragic episodes, such as:

  • Her brother pouring boiling water on her and burning her
  • Breaking dozens of bones
  • Slipping on nothing and spraining her ankle
  • A pencil getting jammed into her eye leading to vision loss
  • Sucked on tree branches in preschool twice - once while pretending the branch was a piece of Pocky, the other time, she climbed a tree and yelled "Karintou is delicious!" out loud while suckling on the branch
  • Classmates playing a prank on her by hiding away her school seat
  • An attack by a hungry cat who stole and ate her store-bought fish, on the way home from shopping
  • Contraction of food poisoning during a school trip, nearly killing her
  • Pencil lead being lodged in her ear
  • As mentioned before, her parents divorcing
  • Having to go to bed at 2 A.M., and only getting one hour of sleep before needing to wake up at 3 A.M. to do housework
  • A "strange boy" beating her up
  • Every other member of a school group chat immediately leaving when Hisaka joined the chat
  • Her own family - parents, brother and sister - beating her up and kicking her

It seems her only friend (who is possibly dating her) out of online life is Dorashiro. Hisaka sends Valentine's Day chocolates to her family, but they are unpopular, with her siblings stating they'd rather die than eat it since the chocolate she makes are so terrible. Her brother in particular stated that Hisaka should die for making such crappy chocolates.

Perhaps, because of her miserable life, that's why her favorite words are "peace" and "safety first", and why on the Japanese festival of Tanabata, held on July 7th where you write a wish on a piece of paper and hang it on a bamboo branch which is said to make it come true, she wished for her own school to be destroyed.

In Derived Works


Hisaka-centric BB theaters are often deliberately designed to be as surreal and baffling as possible and often take on a horrific bent. These videos usually masquerade as BB material videos at first but then introduce other characters and images and reveal a coherent story, generally with her infamous theme song playing as background music. Hisaka herself is animated in an unnatural way in these videos, glitchy, monstrous, or erratic and seizure-like, and is seen either being harmed in an outlandish manner or being a terrifying menace to other characters who treat her as a cryptid or a monster. A few aspects of Hisaka's chaotic life are also brought up, either for gags, for tragedy, or for plot relevance.

While occasionally depicted hanging out with the rest of the Kurapi☆ cast, Hisaka has her own unique group of characters that she's usually depicted with, who are all almost equally as monstrous and eccentric as Hisaka herself, and mostly derived from either Hisaka-centric videos or from Hisaka's life. This group consists of Deri-Sakura, Dorashiro, Hisakuya, and Crooked Sananana.

Notably, the design for Geruchtoter's main Cookie☆ Fundamentalist role from Self-Contradiction☆ is based on Hisaka's design herself, due to the inspiration for Geruchtoter's character being mainly a poster of Hisaka works. Other than that nothing really relates the two in Self-Contradiction☆, but Geruchtoter is sometimes illustrated interacting with Hisaka or taking on some of Hisaka's personality traits.


Type A, B, and C

There are 3 distinct designs for Hisaka from Clownpiece☆, tentatively named Aタイプ (taipo) ・Bタイプ (taipo) ・Cタイプ (taipo) (Type A, Type B and Type C), as proposed by the video HSKマン. Only the A-Type design, seen in just one scene around 9:26 from the voice drama, has entered the mainstream and became the dominant portrayal, due to 石恵 (いしえ) 石恵 (ishie) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) making videos using the A-Type design, and the other 2 designs have since languished in obscurity and only appear in rare occasions.

Related Netas

Between the Sky and You

(そら) (sora) (to) (きみ) (kimi) (no) あいだ (aidi) (ni)

A song by the Japanese singer Miyuki Nakajima, released on the Love or Nothing album in 1994 and used as the theme song for a popularity tragic Japanese TV drama called いえ (ie) なき (naki) - () (ko) . This song was used as the background track for the videos 「泣きながらケーキを食べるHSK姉貴GB(20 January 2018)」 and 「スラれたことに気づくHSK姉貴BB(30 January 2018)」, and has since became the theme song for Hisaka  due to the popularity of song choice. Hisaka herself, whether or not she was aware about its usage in MADs, sung the song by request on February 27, 2018. It is almost a certainty this song would be used in a Hisaka video, and such usage is referred to as 石恵 (いしえ) 石恵 (ishie) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) リスペクト (risupekuto)

Ishie-aniki Respect

石恵 (いしえ) 石恵 (ishie) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) リスペクト (risupekuto)

A BB theater video camouflaged as a BB material video. Named as such since it is the format started by 石恵 (いしえ) 石恵 (ishie) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) . The background is monochromatic (almost always the color green is used) and can be used as BB material, but the video itself is structured to tell a story, and other images that are not characters show up onscreen halfway through, which is different from the usual format for BB material videos.

Sakuya drawn by Hisaka

HSK (hisaka) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) (ga) () (ka) いた (ita) 咲夜 (さくや) 咲夜 (sakuya)


A drawing of Sakuya Izayoi by Hisaka herself, which took her around 2 hours, which became a character and part of Hisaka's unique group. Due to her long name, it is usually shortened to HSKY (Hisakuya). The first appearance of Hisakuya in a Cookie☆ work was the video 「HSK姉貴が描いた咲夜GB+使用例 」posted by the MAD creator 燃料切 (ねんりょぎ) 燃料切 (nenryougi) (re) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) on 3/6/2018. Here, Hisakuya is depicted as a drawing that comes to life and murders Hisaka's school bullies in a gory and graphic manner. Since then, she has been portrayed in illustrations and MADs as a loyal imaginary friend, follower, guardian, or protector of Hisaka, with the indistinctly-drawn arms portrayed as green whiplike tentacles. She is silent and almost robotic unlike Hisaka, "talks" in ellipses and stares, and she is occasionally lumped in with other Sakuya-type Cookie☆ characters. Like Hisaka herself, she is the model for another Self-Contradiction☆ character : one of the Cookie☆ Fundamentalist members is based off her.

Super-Nasal Celebrity Sister

(ちょ) (cho) (はな) (hana) セレブ (serebu) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki)

A nickname that came about from Hisaka's distinguishing nasal voice, in turn coming from the (ちょ) (cho) (はな) (hana) セレブ (serebu) 姉貴 (あねき) 姉貴 (aneki) nickname for Sakura from Cookie☆☆/S2 before her. The (ちょ) (cho) (はな) (hana) セレブ (serebu) part of the name comes from the name of a brand of popular special soft tissues sold in Japan, and occasionally illustrations depicting Sakura or Hisaka with tissues stuck up their noses are drawn.

Deri Sakura

でり (deri) さくら (sakura)

Deri Sakura

A drawing of Sakura from Cookie☆☆/S2 wearing nothing but an apron, posted on Nico Seiga in 2015 by (ta) ta (ta) 兄貴 (あにき) 兄貴 (aniki) . The poor quality of the drawing and bizarre off-model design of Sakura had a large impact when it was posted, so much that the Sakura in the drawing was christened Deri-Sakura and became a separate character independent from the original Sakura. In Cookie☆ works Deri-Sakura is usually a member of Hisaka's group and portrayed as Hisaka's mother, and since both characters are based off Remilia Scarlet, for a while they were called the RMLA (Remilia) 親子 (おやこ) 親子 (Oyako) .


どらしろ❀ (dorashiro) /DRSRくん (dorashiro-kun)


A real-life friend of Hisaka and another member of the Hisaka group, mainly shown in Nico-Seiga illustrations around March 2018 that took advantage of the Hisaka boom. His avatar in Cookie☆ works is Nazrin, using the design of his Twitter profile picture. Usually depicted as the sole "normal" member of Hisaka's group, a regular person in a group of monsters, and Hisaka's boyfriend or close friend. Occasionally illustrated with the other Nazrin-type characters of Cookie☆. In real life, Dorashiro❀ is a close follower of Hisaka since before Hisaka's appearance in Crappy☆, and is seven years older than her. Hisaka seems to trust him enough to show her face to him in private messages. People believe that either they actually are mutual lovers or Dorashiro is a creep perving on an unassuming Hisaka.

"I feel an extreme insult to life"

" (きわ) (kiwa) (me) (te) なに (nani) (ka) 生命 (せいめい) 生命 (seimei) (ni) (たい) (tai) する (suru) 侮辱 (ぶじょく) 侮辱 (bujuouku) (wo) (かん) (kan) (ji) ます (masu) "

A common comment on Hisaka videos, written whenever Hisaka is animated to move in an inhuman and abnormal way. It is also used as a tag on occasion, for Hisaka videos and for other videos that show a deliberately and similarly grotesque subject. The origin of this comment comes from a remark from the anime film director and known harsh critic Hayao Miyazaki, to Nobuo Kawakami (former chairman of Dwango, the company that runs Nico Nico Douga) when Kawakami showed Miyazaki the computer graphics he had made with artificial intelligence. The full context and video for the statement can be found here, with English subtitles. The test models in the demonstration were animated in a unearthly and freakish manner, causing Hayao Miyazaki to react with revulsion. The animations for the test models are very similar to how Hisaka is animated in her videos, and were directly compared in the video 「たいやきを求めて地を這うHSK姉貴GB」, causing this specific statement to proliferate as comments on her videos.


エルサ (erusa) ゲート (ge:to)

Term referring to the controversy surrounding supposedly "child-friendly" Youtube videos that feature decidedly inappropriate and graphic content unsuitable for children. This is also one of the most popular tags for Hisaka videos because her bizarre and inhuman movements and the abnormal and dangerous situations Hisaka gets into are reminiscent of actual Elsagate videos.


たい (tai) () (ya) (ki)

Type of Japanese snack food, a pastry stuffed with paste and shaped like a sea bream. Comes from the statement that taiyaki is eaten in one bite from the dorsal fin.(A taiyaki is usually about 12 cm long, so it is difficult to eat in one bite.) Taiyaki is often seen as a favorite food of Hisaka in Cookie☆ works, being portrayed as an endless supply of hapless prey for Hisaka to mow down and obsess over.

Fried dough cake

かりんとう (karintou)

Traditional cylinder-shaped Japanese snack food. Derived from one of Hisaka's statements that she loves karinto as much as the universe (As far as the universe is concerned, it seems to be a metaphorical expression of comparison). Also one of Hisaka's favorite foods, though it shows up rarely compared to the other two favorite foods. Notably, Hisaka's Twitter handle is named Karintou_Sweet after the snack food. Occasionally, the unfortunately feces-like shape of karinto is used for toilet humor in Hisaka videos.


カプリコ (kapuriko)

Japanese confectionery, a chocolate snack served in a cone-shaped cup used for ice cream. Based from an incident in Hisaka's life where said confectioneries were placed in front of her house. Also treated as one of Hisaka's favorite foods.


A Nico Douga series by the author 部田 (へた) 部田 (heta) , posted from 2019 onwards. It is a gameplay series of the video game Kenshi, which is popular in the Cookie☆ and Inmu community since February 2019 due to its high customizability and degree of freedom, leading to gameplay series revolving around Inmu or Cookie☆ groups such. HSKenshi is one such series, where every character is customized to be a character from Hisaka's group (Dorashiro, Hisakuya, Deri-Sakura make appearances as major characters) and Hisaka and her group also provide commentary over the gameplay, all set to various remixes of Between the Sky and You. From this series, a small but new Hisaka boom flourished, and fanart of the series was often drawn and posted.