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Hinase Haruka is the voice actress for Alice Margatroid and Daiyousei in Cookie☆ OG. This article is mainly concerned with her role as Alice. For her Daiyousei role, please read DIYUSI.

She is often referred by her TDN name as HNS-aneki, and frequently by the name ALC directly in MADs and art works. However, as there came more and more Alice roles in the new voice dramas, the name Hinase became preferred to better distinguish her.

In the Voice Drama

Hinase’s main role is Alice Margatroid, one of the main heroines of the drama who is always thinking about Marisa. She visited the Hakurei Shrine alongside Marisa and served everyone brownies.  After Marisa departed to make the cookie for her, she stayed at the Hakurei Shrine. However, by the time Marisa came to the human village, she was already in the human village and joined Marisa and her fellows. She worked with Marisa and her friends for a while afterwards, but returned to Hakurei Shrine before the cookies were finished. Marisa then brought the broken cookies to her, and she was grateful that at least. Marisa's feelings were not broken.

Netas related to her voice drama performance include:

Marisa and Alices Cookie Kiss English subs 00 03 21.134 0002.png
Freaking huge tea bowl(クソデカ湯呑み):

The unusually large teacup that Hinase Alice is holding in a scene of the voice drama. This leads to her sometimes being given a huge tea bowl that looks like a drum. People often mistaken the name for the tea bowl held by Puha Reimu, due to which sometimes Reu is also portrayed holding a huge tea bowl.

Vertically long Alice( たてながアリス ):
Marisa and Alices Cookie Kiss English subs 00 13 21.834 0001.png

Hinase Alice when she appeared in the confectionery store scene, drawn by Shiren. The art style has her drawn like stretched vertically. Also known as Brain Erection Alice(脳勃起アリス). Niconico comments often react to the style with this name, often in vertical text. The cause is said to be due to a mistake in setting the aspect ratio.

Sm37095901-max-h264 1080p-aac 192kbps 00 00 00.467 0001.png

A scene at the beginning of the voice drama, where Hinase and Udzuki said “Kya!” in a gesture that seems like using this judo throw. The sound is actually made by Udzuki and Hinase together, but is basically treated as Hinase’s sound only. When the sound is used in MADs, comments on the screen will spam “Osotogari” in spaced red text. The Martial ALC(see below) sometimes uses this skill, although Udzuki is originally the one that looked like using it.

Real Life Activities

Among the cast of the voice drama, Hinase is one of the better skilled voice actresses. While Udzuki’s and Reu’s performances were criticised, hers was rather praised by the audience. During the Cookie☆ Controversy, she because a subject of discussion for being the victim of Hazuna Rio’s sexual harassments.

   Hinase is also an artist, whose works had received much praises on Pixiv and had even contributed to commercial works. Being fellow artists, she had been good friends with Makota even before voicing for Cookie☆ OG together. However, she did not contribute to the voice drama’s artworks despite being asked to do so, as she was busy at the time.  

   According to a leaked photo, her appearance is also considered very attractive, being one of the most attractive among the Cookie☆ VAs alongside Kanna. Since she is a skilled voice actress, artist, and was good at handling the Cookie☆ fans, she gives the impression of a perfect person. However, she is not good at studying. She once declared to be married, but later debunked this claim herself.

   Hinase is a very rare cookie character who has received more than her fair share of attention from NicoNico, Hon-thread, and the livestreams. The diversity of her related characters—herself as a voice actress, her ALC character, DIYUSI, and her mother Chibou—allows her to satisfy all kinds of demands, among she is very popular, especially in porns. She was still involved in the community in 2020, ten years after the release of the original voice drama, commenting under the Hinase Alice that she drew herself. Unfortunately, however, she soon deleted her Pixiv and Tumblr account on January 26, 2020.

   Her mother is Chibou. Her father is said to be possibly TTY or YKHR, but Hinase once said that her biological father is not her father, and the details remain unknown. Her younger brother is RUT. She has a friend, Ikemen, who appeared with her during livestreams.

Interactions with the Hon-thread

   Hinase came under the spotlight already by the beginning of the Cookie☆ Controversy, and especially became the centre of attention when it was discovered that she had been a victim of Hazuna Rio’s sexual harassment. After the controversy, people interpreted from her implicating tweets that she may be pregnant with Hazuna’s child or may have become a “handjob girl(sex worker)”, and discussed these speculations frequently. She denied all of them.

   Meanwhile, the “~damon(~だもん)” that ended many of her tweets grew popular and became a part of her quotes. She is also called “Jaga-sama” on the thread for having claimed to have masturbated with Jagariko. Early on, she was seen as a goddess character for being able to calmly treat the Inmufags who approached her. However, as the above mentioned posts were discovered and she was suspected of working in night clubs, she also started to be seen as a promiscuous person and thereby a two-faced goddess. Especially after she restored her activity, the promiscuous grew stronger.

   At 0:29 on 5/5/2016, Hinase started a live broadcast on nicolive. The threads 383 to 386 was filled up during the nine hours of her livestream, dominated by discussions around her. Just before the broadcast, her friend Ikemen’s new column was filled with popular video contributors. This is the only livestream that attracted such a large number of audience. As more than 1,000 people showed up, Hinase had no time to read each comments and switched to picking up the responses from the main thread and answering them in the middle of the livestream. In a way, this was the moment when the Hon-thread and Hinase was closer than ever before. Even today, people write poems like "Harupin~shite" on the thread.

In Derived Works


   Hinase is one of the main characters from Cookie☆ OG, alongside Udzuki, Reu, and Yamin. Together they made frequent appearances in MADs. Especially, she appears in a group with Reu and Udzuki, the three of whom together is sometimes known as the three idiots.

   On the one hand, she is depicted as a goddess-like figure just like in the voice drama, but on the other hand she also often has a horrific, disturbing personality for some reason. In BB theatres, Hinase is often portrayed as a psychopath with an unusual obsession on Udzuki. This setting especially trended after the Stone neta.

In Battle Cookie☆

   Hinase has rich battle materials and is very popular in the Battle Cookie☆ genre. While Kanna, who is also popular in battle theatres, often plays the heroine of the stories, Hinase is more often the stories’ villain or antihero. Her fighter character is known as “Martial ALC(武闘派ALC)”.

    Her weapons could be firearms, knives, or deformed objects. In the early works, she used firearms more often. She also uses a lot of martial arts. However, what eventually became her major weapon is "the Scythe”, also known as “Yetzirah☆”. It initially appears in the video “ALC Performer of Dies Irae”, and henceforward Hinase became known as using a scythe for battle. It is based on Margueritte-Bois de Justice, the weapon used by Ren Fujii of the visual novel Dies Irae. The original weapon is not a scythe but a guillotine, but it has been treated as a scythe in Cookie☆ due to its appearance. This version of Hinase is almost certainly accompanied by the BGM Last Boss Shrine. There is also a Crazy Psycho Lesbian War Shrine made as a self-homage and used as her BGM. She also uses "the Stone", a neta originating from a scene of BB theatre Udzuki Short of Money.mp4. Initially used only for punching, Hinase now uses the Stone for various functions and it has become more than just a blunt weapon.

    While the base character, Alice Margatroid, fights using puppets she controls, Hinase doesn’t use any puppets as her skills are described above. Thus, when Hinase uses martial arts to fight in BB theatres, the comments will react “why doesn’t she use puppets?” and this became a neta. And, vice versa, if she does use a puppet, the comments will react “why is she using a puppet?” Since then, “Alice stubbornly refuses to use puppets” also became the neta for other Alice roles, including the other members of the ALC Gang—Taisa, Sakuranbou, and Jigen(Ichigo, the latest member of the gang, does use a puppet, the Fuwafuwa Bunny). There is a “Puppeteer ALC” posted but it is not frequently used.

BB Materials

Machine Gun ALC

A GB material of Hinase originating from Stalingrad Siege Seniors BB/GB Collection. Its surrealistic image of the gently smiling Hinase firing off her submachine gun(PPSh-41) and skilfully reloading it made it a very popular material. While Crazy Psycho Lesbian Hinase materials began with Stone, they grew popular after this material. It also led to the early production of a wide range of firearm materials.

Obon Dance ALC

A material that is part of ALC to Protect You From Attack.ms-09f, which looks like she is doing the said dance. It was later made into the extra of Fanning ALC GB&Examples.mp3. In MADs, the character may start this dance under various situations. The part with the hands upwards is called the "Awa Dance ALC(阿波踊りALC)”, but it did not grow popular.

Other Netas

From Livestreams and Social Media Posts

Masked ALC

A image of Hinase originating from an MMD video made based on a livestream of her with Ikemen.


Hokkaido dialect that Hinase used when she streamed with Ikemen. When people talk about her, they often use this word in a strong sense. The sentences may end with a (laugh).

“I’m not pregnant (laughs)”

Sometimes the ending is dropped out. This is Hinase’s reply to suspicions saying that she may be pregnant with Hazuna’s child. It's strangely impressive and is used as a reply for the alleged Hinase story that is sometimes written on the hon-thread.


Hinase’s Hinase

A drawing of Hinase Alice with a scythe by Hinase herself (10 November 2017). It was published on her own Twitter page. It is cut out and posted on seiga and sometimes used in MAD.

“It's a big mistake, but it was a good experience, it's big enough for me to weigh it up, it's hard for me too, but it's that big”

A tweet with much implications posted on Twitter. The Hon-threat misinterpreted it as implying her pregnancy. It is also popular as a glossary, and the Hinase impersonation can be seen with the ending "~mon".



A nickname derived from the fact that Hinase likes jagariko.


The only audio material of Hinase left in the Koebu for a long time. It seems to be referring to Hanyu from Higurashi: When They Cry. In the livestream, Hinase revealed that she had already lost her login information for the Koebu and could not delete it. In the same livestream she re-produced the material.

“Take a bath(laughs)”

A quote originating from the biased opinion that Cookiefags (singe they are disgusting otakus) do not take baths. It is used for painful responses on the hon-thread and Seiga. Since public baths are also associated with the sex industry, this line can also mean “go find a real woman and get laid”.

Multinational Hinase:

When the Hon-thread started to think Hinase as an expatriate, there came the neta that “Harpyon” is an ethnic name. From that, names of various nationalities were derived based on her quotes.

  • Hinase Haruka (Japanese)
  • Ha Lu-pyeong (Korean)
  • Flokha Irena (Russian)
  • Namala-u Kel (Indian)
  • Hauhau (Papuan)
  • Gomjatsu K. Yone (South American)
  • Canilio Kahn (German)