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蓮奈理緒 (ハズナリオ) 蓮奈理緒 (Hazuna Rio) is an organizer that has created projects such as 魔理沙 (まりさ) 魔理沙 (marisa) (to) アリス (arisu) (no) クッキー (kukki) Kiss () or known as Cookie☆OG, he directed it and is also the scenario writer for it. His writing was largely criticized due to it's poor quality and terrible plot development. He caused a huge controversy back in 2010.



He was assumed to be an middle aged man in his 30s when he posted Cookie☆OG on his blog, he is usually depicted to wear a witch outfit with a drawing of the Shanghai doll on a paper covering his face. He would adds "★" Stars to every sentence he writes. He has rich connection to many people in which he managed to get 43 people to contribute to his project Cookie☆OG, he would go travel all around Japan to hold offline meeting with everyone contributing to the project. However the intention was not purely good, during those time he sexually harassed the female participant by hugging them, touching their legs, and showing them pornographic doujinshi and he never unveiled his sex to female participants until they meet in offline. Suspicion arose that he didn't care for the project quality, instead he organized this project so he could meet and make a special relationship to many teenage girls.

The Battle against inmu-fags

Following after the uploading of the video, two days later The Inmu fandom linked the drama with their Japanese gay porn fad "A Midsummer Night's Lewd Dream" to compare or simulate the poor plot development of the both series, making more than 100 MAD with the intention of mocking it that were uploaded on NicoNicoDouga. Hazuna didn't take those responses favorably, He tried to create a filter that replaces all Inmu comments with “cookie☆”, deleting many of MAD videos as he hold the copyright for Cookie☆OG. However, Hazuna was only the author of the story, the voice samples and the artwork were not his work. Inmu community didn't liked their content being struck down. This ensued a battle between multiple actor including Hazuna Rio, Touhou community and Inmu community. Inmufags then started a campaign to search his personal information along with every participant personal information on social web. They managed to contact several female participant and drew testimony that they suffered his sexual harassment at parties.

Finally, Hazuna Rio, made an apology about the controversy surrounding the sexual harassment to his blog and has to retire from all online activities.