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A Touhou Project voice drama uploaded by Kirkaldyia Deyrolli in October 12, 2020.

Despite being 82 minutes long, the main video, excluding the looping part is only about 20 seconds.


Reimu Hakurei (Togashi) and Marisa Kirisame (Gogogo) duel for over an hour in front of the Hakurei Shrine.


Both sides face each other

Marisa: "I'll kill you!"

Reimu: "Come here!"

Face close-up

Marisa: "Reimu!"

Reimu: "Marisa!"

They collide with each other

Marisa: "Master Spark!"

Reimu: "Dreamseal!"

Treatment on NicoNico

The extremely poor production and avant-garde style led Fight☆ to become one of the most popular and iconic voice drama of 2020

On the other hand, there were almost no otoMADs being produced due to the audio material being small