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   Creaf is the voice actress who played Kazami Yuuka in Pepe☆ and Motoori Kosuzu in Enki☆, also participated in many obscure voice dramas.


In Voice Drama

   Unlike most of the Cookie☆ voice actors, Creaf was a fan of Cookie☆ and joined Cookie☆ herself. On 15 August 2019, she said that she wanted to see herself in otoMADs and BB Theaters. However, she didn't appear in both otoMADs and BB Theatres until her Kosuzu role in Enki☆. Before that, people treated her like an ordinary clout-farming drama's voice actress.

   Her Yuuka character is also known as "Fast-footed Aunt" due to her appearance in Pepe☆.

Online Activities

   She became more popular after her covers were posted on NicoVideo around March 2019. On CTV☆ rankings her character songs were quite high.

   To gain more popularity in the Cookie☆ community, she voiced Hentai Kuso Oyaji's copypasta (deleted) and the text of the "Jain" educational tape[1].

   Since February 2016, she has been tweeting[2][3][4] about her dating experience with a 40-year-old man. They broke up after a "big betrayal" by him.

   She tweeted[5][6] that Korean people annoy her and that's why people call her "right-wing", but she didn't call herself that.

   On 11 September 2020, there was a glitch on Twitter that allowed others to see private lists. There was the list of Cookie☆ voice actor accounts made by Suzukiri Iro (Nyon). Creaf was the only voice actor from clout-farming voice dramas in this list. This makes her a "Recognized Cookie☆ voice actor by Nyon".

   She disappeared, after her personal information, including her face and the real name, was leaked on Hon-Thread (March 9, 2020). Most of the information was easy to find and published by Creaf herself. One of the creators of the Cookie☆ video, Jikyuujisoku, warned Creaf about the risks of doing so the week before the incident, but he was ignored by her. She locked her account, deleted all her tweets and disappeared the same day. The creators of videos and illustrations related to Creaf (Uwanoagoto, Kaoru Sushi, and Shika Kouen) hid or deleted their works. This was probably done to minimise the number of defamatory comments about Creaf in the comments sections on NicoVideo and NicoSeiga. This incident also caused Mochiya Mochi to temporarily retire (the doxxers said she was their next target). However, in July of the same year the account @nanka_utau_hito was suspected to be Creaf's.

In Derived Creations

   In media she mostly appears in her Kosuzu avatar from Enki☆, but with "Creaf" on her apron.

   She often appears in BB theatres. She became quite popular after appearing in Shika Kouen's BB theatre series called "怪談声令和袋". In this series, she also appeared with Nikutaiha Ojarumaru and Necktie Dekasugi (Warning: the links are NSFW!), making these Inmu characters associated with Creaf and appearing in other works. In particular, the third episode made her character recognisable as Ojarumaru's sister and a person with spiritual abilities.

   Kaoru Sushi was popularizing Creaf by his artworks. However, he had a bad reputation in the Cookie☆ community and this affected Creaf's reputation.

Other Netas


   Creaf's hamster. As character often appears in Uwanoagoto's videos.[7][8]