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[Touhou Project] Christmas Project! [Voice Drama], also known as Cookie☆☆ S1 or "Old Christmas Project", is a Touhou Project voice drama produced and published by Taisa on 23 December, 2011. The first of Taisa's three voice drama projects known together as the "Cookie☆☆" series, it was the first major Touhou voice drama to be incorporated into the Cookie☆ meme after the original voice drama.

Plot Summary

On Christmas Eve, Reimu hoped to make more people offer her money by handing out presents, she thus travelled with Marisa to distribute them.

However, Marisa panicked as she was caught by a sleeping Alice and destroyed her house. Reimu pranked Sanae because of envy, and Sakuya, while receiving the photo of Remilia she wanted, got too excited and fainted.

When they reached Rinnosuke’s house, they found out that he also wanted to hand out presents. He ended up being knocked out.

By the end of the day, the only return they got for the present was Alice’s petition.

Finally, Eirin told Marisa that the drug she took will increase her libido like a man.



The voice drama's main organiser is Taisa, but Marz also took part in its production. It seems like Marz had mainly worked with the first and last scenes while Taisa directed the rest. Taisa was also responsible for recruiting the cast. Its initial form was voice-only, with the participation of Taisa, Marz, and other amateur voice actors they recruited on Koebu. The voice drama was released simultaneously on Koebu and Niconico.

Around the period of its release, the controversy surrounding the original Cookie☆ was cooling down, especially following the attack on and retirement of Nadeko. The voice drama first caught the Cookie☆ community's attention when they judged the voice acting of Marz to resemble that of Udzuki on the Hon-thread. It soon became the main focus of the community's discussion and a target of rumour damage.

The initial post was soon deleted by the OP in fear of rumour damage, but it was revived by thread user Zi. Because of the low quality and antic behaviours of Zi, the initial reactions were not good. However, Marz’s responses on her Nico livestream and the interactions between Taisa and Benikurage earned more positive feedbacks, and the discussion of the voice drama extended to its two sequels, Cookie☆☆ S2 and S3, in the future.

The discussion of the voice drama was initially limited to the thread, but as it became known by the name of "Cookie☆☆", the Old Christmas Project attracted broader attention. Two years later, an MMD version made by Runaruna would cause its popularity and MAD creation to finally boom.