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Benikurage (紅くらげ (べにくらげ) 紅くらげ (benikurage) ) is the voice actress who played the role of Reimu Hakurei in the first voice drama made by Taisa, Cookie☆☆ S1. She is known for her personality and characteristic anime-sque voice with skilled acting, especially compared to her co-star Marz's dour, almost-depressed voice and bouyomi. She auditioned for the roles of Cirno and Flandre Scarlet for Cookie☆☆☆ but was turned down. Benikurage is one of the main faces of Cookie☆☆ S1 as it got popular, alongside Taisa and Marz. She had, however, developed a rivalry with Taisa during its heyday. Benikurage frequently livestreamed on Nico Nico Live back in the day when the voice drama came out, many of them face-to-face. Her appearance is thus publicly known by many of her audience and fans. Her face was used as the model for KussoKuri's Reimu Hakurei, Shiromiya.


Real Life

Benikurage's real life appearance is said to be reminiscent of the famous idol and celebrity Yukie Nakama, leading to people calling her by that name and other nicknames like Enemy Yukie ( (てき) (teki) 由紀恵 (ゆきえ) 由紀恵 (yukie) , a wordplay on the last name “Nakama” which means “friend” in Japanese, inspired by her mischievous personality), and Rival Yukie (好敵手 (こうてきしゅ) 好敵手 (kotekishu) 由紀恵 (ゆきえ) 由紀恵 (yukie) , using the same word play). She claims to be a Christian and the school council president of her high school during the recording of Cookie☆☆ S1. She has a penchant for boasting during her livestreams. She notably claimed(and very likely lied) that she has the rarest blood type of AB negative RH, that her grandfather was a famous kabuki actor, named Nakamura Shikaji (中村 (なかむら) 中村 (nakamura) 芝歌次 (しかじ) 芝歌次 (shikaji) ) (this person’s existence was later confirmed to be true), and that she lived in France until age 4 and is 1/4th French(later, the claim was changed to 1/16th French).

Benikurage was initially tolerant of homos and fans of Cookie☆ who appeared in her livestreams, but trolling activities and slander lead her to change her mind. Nevertheless, she remains somewhat active today, as an artist who especially loves Touken Ranbu.



In BB theatres, Benikurage is usually a heavily mischievous and bratty child. She is the second youngest daughter of the RIM family, who is occasionally featured in abnormal or shocking scenarios. She is sometimes paired with Paseri, forming the BeniPase ship between a trouble-making child and a normal teacher. She is also paired with her co-star Marz, forming the BeniMazu ship with their contrasting personalities: a high-energy outgoing girl, and a depressed, dorky shut-in.

She is depicted as a teasing bully in derived works. Trolls used her statements to fabricate slander and lies, which in turn lead to her being depicted as a mischievous lying kid in MADs. However, it has nothing to do with her real-life personality. Due to her link to terrorism, she also has been drawn with other military-oriented Cookie characters such as CRN and Minami Makoto.


Benikurage's standard design takes after the MMD model used for her role in Cookie☆☆ S1, the Suzunaan-styled Reimu Hakurei created by Montecore, based off Reimu Hakurei's appearance in the manga Forbidden Scrollery. The model features bangs that are parted at the middle, exposed shoulders that show a brief glimpse of the sarashi underneath, and in a winter variation of the model that was used in the voice drama, winter gloves, winter boots, and a striped orange scarf. The notoriety of Cookie☆ and the image of Benikurage had completely taken over the MMD model's reputation, leading to the MMD model's nickname of Cat Pot Model ( (ねこ) (neko) (なべ) (nabe) モデル (moderu) ). Benikurage herself apologized for her infamy being attached to the 3D model, but it seems that Montecore himself doesn't mind and is in fact fond of Inmu.

Related Netas

Relation to cats

A particularly famous rumour about Benikurage is the story of Cat Pot. During a livestream, she recounted a tale about how her father once captured a wild cat and cooked it in a pot. She noted that she was super-disgusted at the thought of eating a cat meal and declined. Later on she changed the story to being an anecdote about her father before her birth. The story is very likely to never had happened, given that it is quite possible that Benikurage comes from a single-parent family. It wasn't very notable during the time it was told, but later on it grew incredibly popular due to malicious video posts and the ranking algorithm pushing videos based on the story.

In BB theatres, BNKRG is often either shown mistreating felines, or is given the qualities and abilities of a cat. She could be either cooking the cats or genuinely caring about them. In particular, she is linked to the MUR cat, a fat photoshopped cat with a dumbfounded expression similar to Inmu character Miura, and Chief Brokenpussy (課長 (かちょう) 課長 (kacho) こわれる (Kowareru) ), an Inmu character infamous for his odd voice and ridiculous lines wherein he meows like a cat and rants about his "pussy" being "broken".


Tag for a group of cat abuse videos, or just cat teasing videos. These videos masquerade as BNKRG GB materials videos at first, and switches to cat abuse contents in the example portion, usually accompanied with BGM from the SNES JRPG game Maka Maka. These videos were spammed on NicoVideo as part of a campaign by anti-Inmu people.


One rumour spread by trolls was that Benikurage burnt the Quran. This rumour proliferated wildly and, in contrast to the original claim, gave birth to the character’s heavy association with ISIS and Islamist terrorism, with various nasheeds (like the Kuntu Maytan) as her theme song, and the nickname of Terrorists' Princess (テロサー (terosa:) (no) (ひめ) (hime) ).

Middle Finger

Two highly-used BB materials of Benikurage flipping the bird. Originated from this video. They helped characterizing her as mischievous or childish. The original animation was applied to Montecore's Suzuunaan Reimu, Benikurage’s standard MMD model, to create the BB.