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Ako Atouda is the main manager of the Kusso☆ series, he has preformed as an voice actor in Kusso☆ZERO and has contributed similar to other works.

The first video of Kusso☆ unexpectedly caused many reactions with it's unique style, after this he was actively involved in the Cookie☆ community and was creating new works in the same style.

All of his works tend to be filled with dirty bits (such as enemas) that are very close to the bottom of the scale, and they also usually contain many tributes to Cookie☆ and Inmu.

Originally, he was also publishing manga on the Internet and was active as an artist, and he was also creating the Illustrations for most of the Kusso☆ series.


  • Kusso☆S1
  • Kusso☆ZERO
  • Kusso☆S2
  • Kusso☆S3
  • Kusso☆S4
  • Kusso☆QVC
  • Kusso☆S5
  • Kusso☆S6


Atouda usually is depicted as a girl with yellow long hair and yellow eyes. The character is said to be derived from a character named Krajice who appeared in one of the mangas he made.

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