Akatoga Shihebiro

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"ほら (hora) 水よ (mizu yo) "—— the line from Gorgonzola☆

   Akatoga Shihebiro is the voice actress who played Yagokoro Eirin, Yakumo Ran and Reisen Udongein Inaba in Gorgonzola☆. Her nickname is actually reads as "Sekitoga Shino". Her character is rather obscure and was overshadowed by other Gorgonzola☆ voice actors.


In Voice Drama

   The only memorable scene with her in Gorgonzola☆ is a parody to the video "The Sound of Hydrogen", which became a famous meme in the Japanese internet. She was "biting the lines" in that scene, which became a hot topic of discussion after the voice drama was released. Since then no one has talked much about her.

Online Activities

   She usually sings, does voice acting, and makes MMD works on Youtube under the name C-N (reads as "shi-no").

   She also participated in an amateur karaoke project "ゴーヤカレー紅白歌合戦 (gōyakarē kōhaku tagassen) " which attracted a lot of attention from people on CTV☆, but not because of C-N.